A leading massage-lubricant company has made funding research a priority.

On Oct. 7 BIOTONE announced a $15,000 donation to support two Massage Therapy Foundation research and community-service projects. The donation marks BIOTONE’s third consecutive year of support for the foundation’s granting program.

BIOTONE is a manufacturer of massage oils, creams, lotions, gels and spa body-treatment products. The Massage Therapy Foundation is a public charity that advances the knowledge and practice of massage by supporting scientific research, education and community service.

 “Our research and community service granting programs make it possible to promote collaborative research, deepen the understanding of massage therapy, and bring massage to people in need,” said Diana L. Thompson, president of the Massage Therapy Foundation. “We are very grateful to BIOTONE for its active participation to ensure important research work continues.”

BIOTONE-funded projects for 2008 focus on massage therapy for brain tumor patients and for the homeless.

In “Feasibility Study of Massage Therapy within a Brain Tumor Setting,” Steve Keir of Duke University in Durham, North Carolina, will explore the safety, feasibility, and acceptability of massage therapy for brain tumor patients.
“Healing Touch Massage Therapy for the Homeless,” a Massage Therapy Foundation Community Service Project conducted by Juana Leandry of Praxis Housing Initiatives Inc., in New York, New York, will examine how massage therapy can help relax, alleviate stress, lift the spirits, and instill hope and faith among homeless adults.