One of the leading manufacturers of massage and spa body-care products, BIOTONE, is also focused on supporting research into massage therapy.

This week the company announced the latest installment in its support of the Massage Therapy Foundation, a nonprofit with a mission to advance the knowledge and practice of massage by supporting scientific research, education and community service.

donated $15,000 to the foundation to support three community service projects: massage therapy for HIV/AIDS patients; relieving stress and easing chronic pain; and infant massage to strengthen the bond between new mothers and their babies.

“We are very grateful to BIOTONE for its commitment to the community projects that underscore the value of massage to aid in healing and for strengthening interpersonal bonding,” said foundation President Diana L. Thompson, L.M.P. “With these grants, not only do participants benefit, but the entire massage industry benefits by continuing to show the value of massage therapy as an important alternative therapy.”

BIOTONE also maintains a program that awards grants to massage schools based on their community service programs. This is the fourth consecutive year it has supported Massage Therapy Foundation projects.