Blend the Benefits of Massage, Fitness, MASSAGE MagazineWhen you combine the benefits of both massage therapy and a regular fitness practice, you may find that your overall health gets a nice boost, especially in terms of muscle recovery, range of motion and other such factors. The blend of benefits one can derive from massage therapy and fitness pursuits often proves well worth the effort.

In fact, in some circles, massage therapy may be considered one piece of the broader picture when it comes to the concept of fitness. If your definition of fitness expands beyond the basics of activities such as lifting weights or jogging, then it should be easy to see how massage therapy can be an element of fitness as well. This bigger perspective on fitness not only includes practices such as massage therapy, but perhaps healthy eating, meditation and other concepts and principles.

However, even if you think of massage therapy as totally separate from a regular fitness practice, it is tough to deny it can serve as a wonderful balance to the intense physical activity performed by those who are committed to regular fitness practices. Much in the way that a healthy diet or consistent meditation might benefit one’s athletic performance and fitness results, massage therapy can complement overall fitness.

For example, consider a person who lifts weights and performs some form of cardiovascular exercise five days a week. This person’s body may be experiencing wear and tear from this fitness practice, especially if the resistance training and cardio sessions are performed at levels of high intensity. With the wear and tear of such a committed fitness practice, this person’s muscles and joints most likely need to be cared for with regular rest days and, if at all possible, regular massage therapy appointments.

One of the most important ways massage therapy can complement fitness is by focusing on the health and optimal function of the body. In other words, a massage therapy appointment can be a time for the athlete or fitness enthusiast not only to receive much-needed rest, but also to receive the application of massage techniques that may be able to help speed the healing and rejuvenation of the body’s muscles and joints.

A prime example of the benefits of massage therapy for the person with a regular fitness practice is the fact that massage therapy can help ease aching muscles. However, there can be many other associated fitness benefits when it comes to massage therapy, such as increased range of motion, increased circulation, greater mental ease and relaxation, and so on.

By balancing one’s regular fitness practice with a consistent commitment to receiving massage therapy, attaining those goals of greater health and wellness may be achieved at a faster rate—and with less chance of injury. After all, when the body is receiving adequate rest and the healing techniques of massage therapy as a counterbalance to the physical stress of regular fitness training, the chances of injury can be decreased.