International aromatherapy experts Primavera introduce a collection of comforting cold relief products made with Fair Trade and Certified Organic ingredients to help respiratory and sinus problems this winter. The Company is the first to have products certified by NaTrue¹, the new harmonised standard set up to overcome the proliferation of certifying bodies and consumer confusion about the organic, ecological and natural credentials of products.

Primavera’s Cold Therapy products are created with Organic Eucalyptus Essential Oil, which has natural antibacterial qualities to effectively relieve respiratory problems associated with cold symptoms; Organic Thyme Essential Oil to purify air with a warming, invigorating scent; and Organic Lavender Essential Oil to comfort the mind and support relaxation. The range comprises:

Bath Oil – £13.20 / 100 ml – add 1-2 tablespoons to a bath then blend, inhale and relax. NaTrue certified 2 stars.

Aroma Tissue – £1.00 / sachet – a comforting cotton tissue infused with the essential oils designed to work as an inhalant or room fragrance. Breathe in to inhale the congestion-relieving vapours. Alternatively, place between pillowcase and pillow at night or on a radiator to release the therapeutic fragrance. Can be refreshed with the Pillow Mist to extend use.

Balm – £11.00 / 25 ml – rub onto chest and / or back and inhale deeply. May also be used on and around the nasal area to soothe irritated skin. NaTrue certified 2 stars.

Blend- £8.75 / 5 ml – simply add 3-10 drops to a diffuser² depending on room size.

Pillow Mist – £8.75 / 30 ml – spray into the room or directly onto the pillow.

Roll-on – £11.00 / 10 ml – for portable, on-the-move relief. Simply roll on to temples (keeping away from the eye area), wrists, back of neck and solar plexus. NaTrue certified 3 stars.

The Cold Therapy range from Primavera is suitable for Vegans. It is not suitable for children under 6. Available from natural health stores and online at or call 01557 870560 for mail order and nearest stockist.