This class works to educate every massage therapist about the tissue under the skin. As we use the most impressive 3-D models of actual bodies in different stages of dissection, we get a much better understanding of how the muscles work. The guided tour also includes a review of all the systems of the body, including the fascial system.

This class includes your ticketed entrance into the exhibit, the guided tour explaining the beep stabilizing structures of the balanced body and four hours of continuing education by an NCB-approved provider. Each class is limited to 20 participants for one-on-one instruction and ample viewing room. There are discounts available for group registration and membership in your professional association. Sign up for a specific class date and time.

Self-guided tour

If you are just to busy to schedule an education class, do it on your own schedule. This self-paced class is available for the entire time the exhibit is being presented in your city. If you are not able to make it to a city with a guided tour, you have not fully missed out. You can still register for the online self-guided tour. By attending this exhibit, many people have changed the way they palpate the human body. This class gives you an opportunity to get credit from a national certified continuing education provider. About the Exhibit

With more than 200 bodies used, it is the largest massage therapy cadaver lab available around the country. The tours includes a review of the systems of the body. See a video here.