Re-engineered water filtration products save the environment and the human body 

Redondo Beach, CA – April 12, 2010 – In celebration of Earth Day’s 40th anniversary, Body Glove has just unveiled a completely re-engineered line of water filtration products—they are cleaner, more powerful and the most advanced system on the market. Through a collaborative effort with Water Inc., an industry leader in the water filtration business, the new filters support the Earth Day mission of inspiring awareness and appreciation of the environment.’s environmental issues expert estimates that millions of plastic bottles “find their way into landfills every day in the U.S. alone.” The ones that don’t clog up the garbage dumps often end up polluting the oceans. Indeed, according to, “An estimated 60 to 80 percent of all marine debris is plastic,” with plastic bottles and bottle caps being among “the most common items of trash found on beaches.” There, they not only spoil “the beauty of [the nation’s] beaches and coast, [but] marine debris [also] poses a significant threat to marine life,” having “injured or killed members of at least 267 species world-wide, primarily through ingestion and entanglement.”

Even reusing plastic bottles doesn’t eliminate their harmful impact. That’s because “such bottles may be safe for one-time use, but re-use should be avoided because studies indicate they may leach DEHP—another probable human carcinogen—when they are in less-than-perfect condition,” The Green Guide warns. They’re also known to carry trace amounts of BPA, a synthetic chemical that interferes with the body’s natural hormonal messaging system.

A Body Glove water filtration system from Water Inc. eradicates each and every one of these environmental and health concerns. Manufactured by 3M, Body Glove Water Filter Systems were designed from the ground up to be the most technologically advanced water filters as well as a green product. The filter systems have a recyclable cartridge, use corn-based biodegradable labeling, and packaging with recycled material and soy ink. The world’s first environmentally friendly home water filtration systems, these state-of-the-art under-sink and portable water filters help eliminate the use of plastic water bottles that clog waterways and kill marine life. Body Glove is so committed to eliminating plastic bottle waste they have installed filter systems through out their office and banned the consumption of bottled water.

For those individuals who would like to carry their filtered water with them without putting their health at risk, the company also offers the Body Glove Filter Bottle that provides convenient water filtering while on the go. What’s more, it lasts for 300 refills, has a replaceable filter, and is recyclable and BPA-free.

Russ Lesser, president of Body Glove International, is committed to their mission in his daily life. “I use the Body Glove Filter System in my home, and the Body Glove Filter Bottle on-the-go, and I haven’t had a single plastic water bottle in over 10 months now. It feels great to help the environment and make an impact.”

Water drinkers who are concerned about their own health and that of the environment can learn more about the Body Glove water filtration systems and portable bottles online at

About Body Glove

Founded in 1953, Body Glove is a leading, worldwide watersports brand specializing in wetsuits, swimwear, clothing, footwear, accessories and technology accessories. The company sponsors one of the most respected surf and wakeboard teams in the industry with such powerhouse names as pro surfers Dusty Payne, Mike Losness, Alex Gray and Holly Beck and wake boarders Rusty Malinoski, Harley Clifford, Shelby Kantar and Bob Soven. Through Reef Check, SIMA’s environmental fund, and the Surfrider Foundation, Body Glove works to preserve the purity of the waters it loves. Body Glove products are sold in the U.S. by a network of independent retailers. Body Glove is also sold in approximately 50 countries internationally.