The Massage Therapy Body of Knowledge (MTBOK) task force is charged with articulating a common body of knowledge for the massage profession, including: a definition of massage therapy; a description of the massage field in order to enhance understanding and appreciation of the profession by those outside the profession; a scope of practice for massage therapy; terminology; and knowledge, skills and abilities of an entry-level massage therapist.

On Sept. 15 the group announced the release of the first draft of the Massage Therapy Body of Knowledge had been made available for public comment.

“Although the final product will reside on the MTBOK website
( the draft is designed to be widely circulated and made to facilitate getting suggestions and comments from interested parties,” a press release noted. “The fifty-plus page document addresses all of the criteria specified for Phase 1 of the project: A description of the Field, a Scope of Practice Statement, a section specifying the competencies expected of an entry level Massage Therapist in terms of Knowledge, Skills and Abilities, and a Terminology section.”

Copies of the First Draft MTBOK may be downloaded from the MTBOK website at The MTBOK’s webiste also contains a link where participants may provide feedback on the draft.

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