CEO and President Cami Sutton has announced that Body Tech™ Mobile Massage Spa Services has launched a new Joint Venture Partnership Program. The Body Tech™ System and Partnership Program has been developed over the past five years with plans to expand into other markets. Body Tech™ has tested the market and has been operating in Jacksonville, Florida, since early 2004.

Body Tech™ is an established and professional massage spa service company that offers a variety of therapeutic and clinical massages, and some spa services.

Sutton stated with today’s economy, this unique, mobile and automated business model is in the right place and time for the booming massage therapy market, travel and hospitality industry. The travel and hospitality companies are looking for new ways to attract business. As a massage-spa service provider for the travel and hospitality industry, Body Tech™’s Affiliate Partner Program offers businesses a service that helps attracts the clientele they are looking for.

Body Tech™’s program and business system gives massage-spa professionals that do not have the financial resources a chance to establish their own mobile massage-spa business rather than a conventional massage-spa facility with a large overhead. This will allow Body Tech™’s partners to operate their own mobile massage-spa service, have the flexibility to choose their own schedules while the business continues to operate and utilize their education and skills to earn a good living.

The Body Tech™ program provides a turnkey reservations system, marketing program, management, a staff recruiting package and training programs. All these departments and services are included as a part the Joint Venture Partnership Program. The departments are responsible for marketing, advertising, pre-screening clients and scheduling appointments for all territory Service Providers, and is adaptable to their own desired schedules.

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