Every time you move your body, you are talking to your doshas. Because each dosha has its own emphasis, there are three kinds of benefits that all balanced exercise brings:

Vata: poise, agility, limberness, coordination, and inner exhilaration
Pitta: warming up the body, circulation of blood to all parts, increased heart capacity
Kapha: increased strength and stability, steady energy

If you never get out of your armchair to exercise, obviously you will not experience these benefits. But many active people with firm muscles and sound hearts do not experience them either. Most exercise programs today are dedicated to increasing the capacity of the cardiovascular system, which puts a heavy emphasis on Pitta dosha. I would like to list balanced activities that are broader in scope and more suited to the major body types.

  • Vata-Type Exercise
    Amount: Light
    Type: Yoga,  
              Dance aerobics
              Walking, short hikes
              Light bicycling
  • Pitta-Type Exercise
    Amount: Moderate
    Type: Skiing
             Brisk walking or jogging
             Hiking and mountain climbing
  • Kapha-Type Exercise
    Amount: Moderately heavy
    Type: Weight training

—Excerpted from Perfect Health: The Complete Mind Body Guide, by Deepak Chopra, M.D.