All-Inclusive Coverage Available For As Low As $13/mo

Bodyworker Insurance

Get insurance coverage from a company trusted by bodyworkers for over 30 years!

  • Professional & General Liability Insurance: $2,000,000 per occurrence; $3,000,000 annual aggregate 
  • Personal Injury & Advertising Coverage: $2,000,000 annual aggregate 
  • Identity Protection Plan: $25,000 

Three Bodywork Insurance Policy Options

part-time policy

Only practice part-time? Save $10 on coverage with our part-time policy




  • 1 year of unlimited online CE access
  • Instant proof of insurance certificate
  • Over $1,800 in industry discounts
2 year policy

Purchase our two-year policy option and lock-in an annual rate of only $149. 




  • Save $39 with this option
  • Over $1,800 in industry discounts
  • Instant proof of insurance certificate

Bodyworker Insurance Coverage Highlights

From day one, you get all of the following and so much more:

  • Free NCBTMB Approved CE Courses 
  • Exclusive Membership Discounts
  • Instant Coverage & Proof of Insurance
  • Professional & General Liability Insurance Coverage: $2,000,000 per occurrence / $3,000,000 annual aggregate
  • Personal Injury & Advertising Coverage: $2,000,000 annual aggregate
  • Identity Protection Plan: $25,000

Bodywork can be such a beneficial therapy to offer to clients. Through injuries and just everyday life, people can injure themselves or hold themselves in unnatural ways that can become painful. As a bodywork professional, you’ll be helping to address the body to effect relaxation and free up natural, free-flowing movement. 

Bodyworker insurance is how you can protect yourself from accidents and mishaps in this promising field. Without insurance, a bodyworker is risking their career, reputation, and personal finances. 

MASSAGE Magazine proudly provides liability insurance for bodyworkers so they can practice what they love with absolute confidence. As a family-owned business who’s backed by one of the largest insurance brokers worldwide, our sole mission has been supporting alternative health and wellness professionals for decades, and providing a great bodywork insurance policy at an affordable price is just part of who we are and what we do.

What is Bodyworker Insurance?

Bodyworker insurance is like a wall of protection that’s placed around your career. There are all kinds of risks with hands-on therapies. A client who is injured while under your care may decide to seek legal help to get the compensation they feel they deserve. Suddenly you’re getting letters from lawyers demanding you pay for medical bills, lost wages, and legal fees. 

Most bodyworkers are not prepared for the “what if” scenarios that unfortunately happen to professionals across the country. That’s where liability insurance comes in and can literally save the day. 

Why Do You Need Bodyworker Insurance?

The bodyworker insurance MASSAGE Magazine provides protects you in many different ways. The liability insurance portion is going to safeguard your career against liabilities. So, what’s a liability? Liability is being responsible for something under the letter of the law. Basic liability is pretty much everywhere. If you break something in the store, they may demand you pay for it so there’s even liability while shopping.

For bodyworkers, the stakes are so much higher. You are treating people who are usually in pain and trying to gain relief during your sessions. This therapy touts so many benefits but there’s still great risk involved for the professionals doing the work. That’s because the law says you can be held responsible if someone is injured or has their property damaged while they were coming to you for their session. 

As opposed to the costs of a potential claim against you, which could easily run into the millions, a MASSAGE Magazine bodywork policy that’s as low as $13 a month is a really small price to pay and a smart decision for professional protection.

How Much Does Bodyworker Insurance Cost?

Bodywork is all about promoting graceful movements so we designed our plans in the same light, to be easy and accessible for new practitioners. That’s why we offer several different ways to pay for a plan, including financing, so you can choose the perfect path for your own unique journey. 

  • Low Monthly Payments - pay monthly installments for your bodyworker insurance premiums when you choose the convenience of financing through our affiliation with PayPal Credit.
  • Pay Less Up Front - you can save money when you choose to pay your entire premium upfront. There’s a one-year option at $169 or you can lock-in a low rate of $149/yr when you select the two-year option that’s $299. Neither of these rates include any hidden or additional fees.
  • Special Student Pricing - bodyworker students still enrolled can get a steeply discounted rate of just $49 for the same great coverage.
  • Just the Benefits, Please - if you love all the benefits that come with the plan but aren’t ready to commit to a policy just yet, you can get a benefits-only option for just $59.

2 Types of Liability Insurance Every Bodyworker Needs

There are pretty much two main types of liability insurance that are vital to a stout bodyworker insurance policy: general and professional coverage. Let’s break down how these protect you in the everyday. 

General Liability: 

General liability coverage is just that - general protection from a wide variety of different perils present in the industry. You might have heard general liability called “slip and fall insurance” since this is an accident that unfortunately is all-too-common. General liability covers you from third-party injuries and property damage that happen in and around where you offer bodywork services. 

Professional Liability:

Professional liability coverage is protection from the actual services you provide as a bodyworker. Professional liability insurance for bodyworkers is also sometimes called “malpractice insurance,” which literally means “bad practice” as a client is saying your service left them with a loss. Professional liability coverage protects you from third-party claims of injuries or property damage that happened as a result of the services you provided.

Benefits Boost: Perks That Come With Bodyworker Insurance

Benefits that you can use from the moment you sign up really amp up the value you receive for what you invest in your insurance plan. With MASSAGE Magazine, our decades in the industry have forged deep relationships with top names in integrative health and wellness. With that, we’re able to provide our members with exclusive access to fantastic deals on new products and services to help their practice thrive. But, we don’t stop there.

We also include over 60 hours of free NCBTMB-approved continuing education courses for all members. You can access this online learning curriculum at any point and utilize cutting-edge materials to earn CEUs faster and also retain more of what’s being taught. The programs are designed to be engaging and relevant by approved education providers. 

In addition, we provide vast libraries of curated content, education, news, resource centers, and more simply to provide the best support possible to our members and the health and wellness community at large. 

A Closer Look at How Policies Are Made

Getting into the details of a policy might seem tedious, but it can save major aggravation down the road when a “cheap” policy can suddenly lose its luster. Two of these areas include adding portability provisions and occurrence form coverage into our policies.

  • Portability: this provision says you can move from one employer to another or even move from one state to another and your insurance policy follows you every step of the way. Other policies can charge fees to move your coverage or can even drop you altogether. 
  • Occurrence form: this provision can mean the difference between full coverage and none at all depending on the timing of a claim. If you’re getting close to the end of your policy, and you have an accident but then don’t actually file a claim until after the policy expires, some policies say you’re simply out-of-luck. Occurrence form says since the event occurred while the policy was active, it doesn't matter if you wait a second to file your claim, and even if your policy has since expired you can still go back and file. 

Covering More Bodywork Methods

At present, we cover more than 500 different modalities of massage modalities including bodywork, deep tissue, cupping, and literally hundreds more. We find that many members enjoy employing different techniques during a single session so provide full coverage for the widest variety of modalities. 

Still in School? We Have Options Just for Students

Students that are still learning the bodywork profession have the opportunity to sign up for a special massage student insurance plan that’s only $49. This program provides the same great coverage just at a discounted rate to give the next generation the best start possible. 

Bodyworker Liability Insurance

Apply in Minutes with No Long Questionnaires - Really!

Know what you’ll pay upfront, no matter where you live, with no long questionnaires. Seems like a bodywork insurance dream, right? Well, we make insurance dreams realities by offering an easy application process that takes just a few minutes to complete. As soon as you’re done, you’ll enjoy complete coverage with full access to everything the plan provides.

Bodyworker Insurance FAQs

What is occurrence form insurance?

Occurrence form insurance helps protect you from the cost of a lawsuit beyond the term of the policy. This means you have extended protection from incidents that occur while the policy is in place, even if the claim arises after your policy has expired. As opposed to “claims made insurance,” which requires the claim to be filed during the policy term, the occurrence form does not have a time limit for a claim to be filed. 

MASSAGE Magazine offers only occurrence form insurance to give you the best coverage possible. With our coverage, you don’t have to worry if the claim will be made in time. As long as the incident occurred when you were covered by your bodyworker insurance policy, you are eligible for coverage even if that policy has long expired.

Do I still need bodyworker insurance while I'm still a student?

In short, yes. As a student bodyworker, you will be required to study and practice your skills on real clients. Though you will be supervised to a degree, you could be liable if you make a mistake and a client gets injured. Even as a student, you could be sued for the cost of the injuries, loss of income, or property damage. This leaves you vulnerable to paying a high price for your error. 

We love investing in the next generation of bodywork professionals and do everything we can to encourage them in their studies. That’s why we offer a deeply discounted student rate of just $49. As a student, you’ll have the same incredible coverage and benefits at a fraction of the cost and your coverage doesn’t expire when you graduate, it lasts a full 365 days.


How will I use identity theft protection?

In today’s online society, you likely have countless ways your information is available on the internet. As a professional bodyworker, you may use social media to promote your services, have a website, or use an online payroll system. All of this data online could be accessed if your identity is stolen. While the rise of the internet has created an excellent opportunity for business, it has also created a great opportunity for identity theft. 

Identity theft protection is designed to help you recoup the losses from identity theft. We offer up to $25,000 in coverage as a part of our bodyworker insurance policy. Though other insurance companies leave you high and dry when it comes to identity theft coverage, we want you to feel entirely at ease with your policy.

What is an aggregate?

An annual aggregate is a maximum that an insurance company will pay for your plan. The aggregate is different from the per-occurrence limit, which is lower than the aggregate. This system allows multiple claims to be made within the policy term while providing ample coverage for each claim. 

MASSAGE Magazine’s bodyworker insurance policy offers a generous per-occurrence limit of $2 million for general and professional liability claims. Our annual aggregate is $3 million for professional and general liability claims. For product liability claims, we’ll cover up to $2 million in total. We set out limits high to give you plenty of coverage for your bodywork insurance.

How much bodyworker insurance do I need?

There is no precise number of how much coverage is “enough.” For every professional, the answer is a different amount. Some insurance providers will say that $1 million is sufficient coverage for a bodywork professional, while others will say that you’ll need at least $2 million of coverage. 

At MASSAGE Magazine, we believe you shouldn't have to worry about the coverage amount, so we set our annual aggregate at $3 million for professional and general liability claims. Our policyholders have the perfect blend of coverage and affordability. We want our members to feel comfortable and confident that their policy is all the protection they need.

What does bodyworker insurance cover?

Bodyworker insurance is designed to protect professional bodyworkers from the cost of a liability claim or lawsuit. A bodyworker insurance policy from Massage Magazine Insurance Plus includes the following coverage:

  • Professional & General liability
  • Personal injury & advertising protection
  • Identity theft protection

With the full range of coverage, you don’t need to shop around to find the coverage you need. We’ve combined it into one simple policy. We make it easy to get the coverage you need to have total peace of mind. If you want to have confidence in your coverage, get bodyworker insurance today. It only takes a few minutes to sign up, and your coverage starts immediately. 

What do I do if a client is hurt in a bodywork session?

When a client is hurt while under your care or in your facility, it’s important to keep a level head. You won’t be able to do anything to help if you panic. If a client is injured or hurt, you can follow these simple steps:

  • Stay calm
  • Get help: If the injury is severe, call 911 and get an EMT there as quickly as possible.
  • Write down details: In a crisis, your brain can do some funny things. As soon as your client has medical help, write down all the details you can. 
  • Contact your insurance provider: You will want to let your insurance know about the incident as soon as you can. Tell your agent the information you know and experienced. 
  • Take time to process: After a traumatic incident, make sure you take care of yourself and your mental health. Talk to a therapist if you feel like you need help. 
  • Do your research: Read up on your insurance policy, rights, and other relative information.

Is there a discount on bodyworker insurance? 

The best way to get a discount is by purchasing the two-year policy. We like to reward those who plan to stick with us for a while and offer a discounted rate on our two-year professional bodyworker policy. This option saves you $39 over purchasing one year at a time. 

Another discounted rate for bodyworker insurance is the student rate of $49. We love investing in the next generation of bodywork professionals. We make it affordable to get excellent coverage while they learn their skills. At the student rate, up-and-coming professionals can have the same great coverage as our full-time and part-time policyholders but at a deep discount.


Does my bodywork insurance policy follow me to a new job? 

It sure does! When you get insured, your coverage starts immediately and lasts the entire term length. Even if you go to a new job, your coverage will follow you wherever you go. This is because your bodyworker insurance is tied to you, not a specific job. Just let us know when you change locations. 

If you move across state lines, there is no need to get a new policy. Your coverage will go with you. However, each state may have specific regulations for bodywork professionals. Be sure to read up on the state requirements before making the move.

Do I need individual policies for each business I work in? 

Not at all. We make it easy to add an additional business location to your policy. When you sign up for insurance, you can add one or multiple businesses to your policy. You can add a single business for $10 for a year or for two years for $15.95. 

If you want to spread your talents to more than three locations, you may consider the unlimited additional businesses option for $30. This option means that you can add as many businesses to your policy and have coverage everywhere you offer your services. There is no need to sign you for multiple policies. 

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