Bonnie Canavino is offering a new, three-hour class and workshop, titled “Advanced Aromatherapy Theory & Formulation,” in Naperville, Illinois, on Aug. 19.

Spa and massage professionals will experience and learn the path to critical thinking for complete therapy using organic plant materials, herbs, plant oil and essential oils. The difference is in this class you will learn:

  • to be the chemist and formulate beyond basic mixing
  • the steps to responsible compound development
  • learn the difference intense levels between raw and extracted materials
  • the difference of organic and refined
  • the crucial edge in actual healing with blends
  • building a central thinking tank … Mixology Team
  • research and development
  • handling and preserving nature’s best
  • record keeping and analysis
  • hands-on development of a finished blend
  • workout critical blending formula in a team
  • Blend self-challenge formula
  • leave with full size, 4-ounce testing and research products

Bonnie Canavino is president of Red Cherry Certified Organic Labs and is a national educator with 35 years of experience in esthetics and spa development.

“Advanced Aromatherapy Theory & Formulation” offers continuing education hours and is a career-impacting class. It is scheduled Aug. 19 from 8:30 to 11:30 a.m. 

Premiere class at Y.E.S. Conference costs $125 and includes lunch, workshop and lectures. Stay for the full day, which is included. Network luncheon features keynote speaker Steve Robinson on “Social Media Marketing Made Simple.” After lunch,  Deanna Vaughn will discuss “High Tech LED Technology.” 

Continuing education hours are included; six hours for the full day.

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