Are you ready to sweat, move & groove to the new way in fitness? Tae Bo and Zumba move over, Boogie Box is here and hands down, there is no comparison! It™s what the public has been waiting for, the Boogie Box phenomenon is going to explode!

International Latin and Hip Hop Dancer/Choreographer Dedelle Parra has teamed up with world renowned Latin dance champions Olivia Dasso and Paco Evangalista to create the phenomenal fitness workout, Boogie Box; a hot new dance based aerobic exercise format. Sponsored by OC Nutrition of Laguna Niguel, Boogie Box Fitness will be launching their release at the Irvine Marriott on October 4th at 11 a.m., where they will be presenting a live demonstration of what Boogie Box Fitness is all about.

Boogie Box presents a unique blend of mid to high intensity Hip Hop, Pop and Latin rhythms, integrated with kickboxing, plyometric exercises, and military drills choreographed in intervals in order to effectively burn maximum calories. This combination of total body toning, fat burning and reconstruction by working core, upper and lower body all at once in a funky, fun high-energy 50-minute workout.

Boogie Box is the first fitness workout to successfully incorporate intense cardio, toning, sculpting, core balance and strength training by using full, integrated circular movements with one™s own body weight all into one powerful workout that delivers results. Boogie Box is truly the most dynamic workout I™ve ever done. says Liza Kawaller, a 24-Hour Fitness aerobics instructor and participant of the Boogie Box 30-day test group.

There is no other aerobic workout like it on the market; the music is so incredible and it™s so much fun that you don™t even realize how hard your working out, and that™s how you keep people coming back for more. says Marilyn Seller, Owner of Beach Cities Dance Studios. The secret to Boogie Box is that it was choreographed like a simple dance routine, but intended to train like an athlete by focusing on constant controlled muscle activations of one™s entire body through a series of several different movements; All while getting an intense sweat from moving and grooving to the hottest dance music around! Exercisers have been waiting for the next fitness craze, Boogie Box is here!

The first 200 people to arrive will receive a free Boogie Box T-shirt and additional prizes and giveaways will be featured as well as a hot hip hop performance. It™s a party you don™t want to miss, AND IT™S FREE!!! For more information on Boogie Box Fitness please visit or contact Director, Dedelle Parra at (949)331-4676.

Boogie Box Fitness
Dedelle Parra, 949-331-4676