by Alain Castoriano

Branding is Essential with New Green Economy, MASSAGE MagazineWhen many people begin to think “green,” they think about a return to nature—a simplifying of their lives to what is most basic, most pure. In offering a product or service, this could translate to working with your specific niche, a group of likeminded people who appreciate the uniqueness and quality of your green product or service.

Perhaps one of the greatest ironies of our time is now that everyone is going green, doing so gets lost in the crowd. While spending money on marketing used to be taboo in the green meme, soon it will be taboo to not have your product embrace basic green tenets. This makes proper branding and visual communication strategy for your product essential.

If you have a quality massage product or service that people need to know about, put some energy into communicating that clearly, in a way your target market can relate to. A true branding professional will help you find the essence of your product or service and a powerful way to make it known to the consumer. This, you will find, is an incredibly dignifying process.

Alain Castoriano is creative director at {S}SENSE Consulting, a design and branding firm with specific experience in health, wellness and natural products. To learn more, visit