The organization that certifies massage therapists in California is urging therapists to “unleash [a] letter writing campaign” and make telephone calls to all state senators urging them to vote against AB 1822, a bill that would result in law-enforcement officials being placed on the state massage board.

In an email sent to MASSAGE Magazine, the California Massage Therapy Council‘s public policy and local government committee chair, Mark W. Dixon, wrote, “If this bill passes, California will be the only state in any health care profession that mandates the presence of law enforcement (in this case hostile and without limit as to number) on its regulatory board. It must be defeated.

“I encourage all of you to send letters of opposition from your respective organizations asap,” Dixon continued. “Personalize the attached [letter], or compose your own, and send it to your senator right away. There is no time to delay.”

The letter Dixon referred to is one he said will be sent to all the state’s senators from the council. To read it, click here:

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