A judge has just awarded a temporary injunction against the new personal injury protection (PIP) law that prohibits massage therapists from billing insurance for PIP claims.

The temporary injunction means massage therapists can return to PIP billing, according to Vivian Madison Mahoney, who founded the Florida PIP Defense Fund.

On May 4, 2012, Florida Gov. Rick Scott signed into a law a bill to prohibit the state’s massage therapists and acupuncturists from billing PIP insurance. The bill also caps chiropractic care at $2,500 and stipulates that the patient receive a referral to chiropractic care by a primary care physician. On November 23, 2012, the attorneys filed a lawsuit to prevent the state of Florida from enforcing the provisions of the 2012 PIP Act. A hearing was scheduled in mid-December for a judge to consider a temporary injunction against the law; however, that hearing was cancelled by the judge. The attorneys working on behalf of United Practitioners Organization Inc., then filed a new complaint in state court.

Mahoney encourages massage therapists to contribute to the fund, so that legal action against the law can continue.

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