An organization that is fighting a new Florida law that will restrict massage therapists’ practices announced today that the law that will receive a hearing in federal court on Thurs., Dec. 13 at 1:30 p.m. EDT.

United Practitioners Organization Inc., is asking massage therapists throughout the U.S. to contribute to its legal fund and that affected therapists in Florida complete affidavits prior to the hearing.

On May 4, Florida Gov. Rick Scott signed into a law a bill that will prohibit the state’s massage therapists and acupuncturists from billing personal injury protection (PIP) insurance. The bill also caps chiropractic care at $2,500 and stipulates that the patient receive a referral to chiropractic care by a primary care physician.

“We are hopeful that the federal judge will grant us a temporary injunction so therapists will continue to have hope of employment and patients will be able to continue to receive massage therapy beyond Jan. 1, 2013,” said Vivian Madison-Mahoney, a massage therapist and business educator based in Florida who established the nonprofit United Practitioners Organization Inc.

If granted, the injunction will allow massage therapists to continue to be reimbursed by PIP insurance for clients injured in auto accidents as the suit moves through legal channels.

If the judge does not issue an injunction, then as of Jan. 1, massage therapists will no longer be covered by PIP insurance.

United Practitioners Organization Inc., hired constitutional attorney Luke Lirot, and requests donations from massage therapists and affiliated health care providers to assist in paying lawyer fees. For more information, visit

The organization is also seeking affidavits from affected massage therapists in the process of experiencing damages due to the law. Those therapists may send an email to with the word “Damaged” in the subject link, and they will receive an affidavit form that needs to be filled out, signed, notarized and sent to Lirot prior to the hearing. For more information, visit

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