The holidays are both rewarding and stressful, followed by both New Year’s resolutions and white sales. This year, in spirit of both the season and post-season self-examination, take a look at Rochelle Balin’s instructional DVD, The Golden Answer. The Golden Answer is a customizable, multimedia guided meditation DVD that aims to increase quality of life along with stress reduction. 

Balin says, “Everyone knows that their own ‘Golden Answer’ lies within themselves, but they forget to take the time to look for it on a daily basis. At only 26 minutes and with program options as short as two minutes, it hopefully takes the excuses out of taking time out for you.” 

The Golden Answer is ideal for today’s over-programmed, over-scheduled individual, providing viewers an individualized process based on the breath. In addition to the breath-based instruction, the DVD’s special features and digital downloads include sleep affirmations on an infinite loop and two-minute guided meditations Balin calls “Breathe Breaks” for mobile devices as a quick fix for when you can’t get away from the office or off the airplane for an hour of yoga. 

Author, actress, teacher and trainer, Balin has taught yoga on and off for 40 years. She has taught yoga to celebrities and juvenile offenders, to athletes and those confined to wheelchairs. She has offered a companion DVD, Yoga for Health Defense. Richard Rosen from Yoga Journal offered, “Her presentation is very slow and deliberate, gentle and self-affirming … This is a safe and supportive session that will appeal to students wanting a mild, hour-long practice.” 

Both DVDs are for sale at $24.95 each from her website,, and from She offers free “Breathe Breaks” at ?