OAKLAND, Ca., May 23, 2023 — The Breema Center in Oakland, California, announced today that registration is now open for the Breema Summer Intensive from July 8-12. The in-person portion of the Intensive will be held in the Breema Center’s main classroom, and online classes will be presented globally via Zoom from there and from locations around the United States and the world.

“This is a great opportunity to immerse yourself in the nurturing atmosphere of Breema and explore new ways of moving, thinking, and feeling,” Jon Schreiber, Director of the Breema Center, said of the upcoming Intensive. “The relaxing yet energizing movements of Breema and Self-Breema support coming to a new level of vitality, and also connect us to a more essential aspect of ourselves.”

The Breema Center presents three Intensives annually, every February, July, and October. For five days, new and experienced students come together from many countries including the United States, Spain, Germany, Austria, Sweden, Brazil, and Israel. Anyone can attend for one class, several classes, or the whole Intensive. Participating in these classes can support people from all walks of life to become more present both in their professional and everyday lives.

A holistic system, Breema consists of three components: Breema bodywork, Self-Breema movements, and the Nine Principles of Harmony. Breema bodywork and Self-Breema can support our body’s energy and flexibility, increase our mind’s availability, and nurture our essential feelings. The natural movements range from energetic and playful to calm and relaxing. Applying the Nine Principles of Harmony can help balance whatever state people find themselves in and nurture more harmonious relationships.

“As students participate fully in the movements while applying the principles, they may experience a deep sense of being present, a new way of relating to themselves and everything around them, and a glimpse of the potential and purpose of being human,” Schreiber continued. “Breema can help connect us to who we really are, instead of who we think we are, so we can live a more fulfilling life. I hope you can join us!”

For a complete list of the classes happening during the Summer Intensive and to register visit The Breema Center.


About The Breema Center

The Breema Center has helped students actualize Breema’s practical approach to Self-understanding and purposeful living since 1980. People all over the world discover how Breema can help them bring greater harmony, presence, and meaning to their lives. Our students benefit from a way of teaching that emphasizes both practical experience and the integration of Breema principles into daily life. In addition to training students who wish to receive a Practitioner Certificate, an important objective is to serve those whose goal is personal enrichment rather than career enhancement.

The Breema Center is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization.

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