Bring a Fitness Focus to Your Massage Practice, MASSAGE MagazineIt is no secret health and wellness are hot topics and have been for quite some time. Whether this is due to the large rise in such medical conditions as obesity and diabetes, or simply because more information is available through modern technology, the fact remains that fitness is a popular topic. Equipped with this awareness, professional massage therapists and bodyworkers may be able to find ways to weave more of a fitness focus into their own practices.

There are several key reasons for massage therapists and bodyworkers to consider blending fitness topics into their practices. One reason is utilizing a fitness focus for your practice may actually help you draw in new clients and increase your business. In order to make this happen, it is usually necessary to rework any marketing materials you may have in a way that gives your massage therapy or bodywork practice an emphasis on fitness.

Of course, to change your marketing material you may find you need to revamp your practice menu as well. If you do not already offer services that are fitness-oriented, then doing a bit of brainstorming and research might be the next logical step. See if you can come up with a way to use your current skills to serve segments of the population that are committed to or enthusiastic about fitness. If you find this to be a challenge, then you may need to seek out some continuing education topics that cover more fitness-focused forms of massage therapy and bodywork.

For instance, most professional practitioners will possess the skills to offer a massage therapy or bodywork service that can loosen and relax tight and sore muscles, and perhaps also increase range of motion throughout the body. To tap into the hot topic of fitness and potentially draw in more clients, one might tout the benefits of these services in marketing materials, such as a practice menu and website. Let your current and prospective clients know all the ways in which the services you offer can benefit their overall fitness and help keep them as active as possible.

Beyond these basic benefits of massage therapy and bodywork, certain practitioners may wish to take the fitness emphasis even further and offer services that are specific to certain sports and the common muscular issues associated with those sports. For example, a massage therapist may decide to offer a service on her practice menu that is geared specifically toward golfers, runners or tennis players. Often, this may require taking one or more continuing education classes that hone in on the main muscular issues that may accompany each of these sports.

While appealing to more clients may be one of the biggest driving forces behind bringing a fitness theme to your massage or bodywork practice, there are other benefits at work here as well. Essentially, seeing your daily work through a fitness-focused lens may end up helping you better serve each of your clients, thereby creating repeat business and greater word-of-mouth.