Bay Area, CA—Chi Master Bruce Frantzis will teach three intensive six-day workshops in Taoist energy techniques at Menlo College, Atherton in July. From July 6-12, he will teach “Ba Gua and Tai Chi as TAO Meditation, methods derived from the ancient Chinese sage Lao Tse, the author of the Tao Te Ching.  From July 13-19, Frantzis will  teach “Openings and Closings in Martial Forms and TAO Meditation,” techniques which are the heart of all chi  practices for making the body healthy, flexible and strong. From July 20-26, he will teach the ancient Chinese medicine healing technique called chi gung tui na (pronounced “twee na”). Each week builds on techniques learned in previous week-long retreats.

Ba gua has been practiced as a moving meditation method in Taoist monasteries for over 4,000 years. Frantzis will discuss the history and basic principles of ba gua as a meditation art, including its relation to the I Ching, one of the major roots of Taoism. He will teach how to use moving meditation techniques in bag gua and tai chi for healing, relaxation and inner peace; how to access, remove and calm deep emotional, mental, psychic and karmic chi blockages; and how to access the deepest spiritual energies and attain deep inner stillness.

Openings and closings are a part of the advanced healing and martial arts techniques known as the nei gung. Beginners will learn to pulse the energy in their joints, helpful for moving chi throughout the body, smoothing the emotions and removing tension and stress. They will learn how to apply openings and closings to martial arts, meditation or healing. Advanced practitioners will learn to use openings and closings to more fully develop continuous awareness, the ability to calmly adapt to change and to develop martial arts power.

Just like acupuncture, chi gung tui na balances the flow of chi through a patient’s energy meridians and pathways. Instead of using needles, healers learn hands-on techniques that will amplify the natural pulse of energy in their patients, strengthen the flow of chi and release blocked, stagnant or negative energy.

Retreats provide a rare opportunity to study intensively with a genuine master who learned Taoist martial arts, healing and meditation practices during 10 years of training in China. Bruce Frantzis is believed to be the first Westerner to hold authentic lineages in ba gua, tai chi, hsing-i and Taoist meditation. He is the author of seven books and teaches chi gung, internal martial arts, TAO meditation, TAO yoga and energetic-healing therapies in America and Europe. For more information or to sign up to receive free monthly articles, visit

Contact Person: Paul Pallante, Marketing and Events Coordinator, 415.454.5243, extension 201