Build a New Service Around Your Massage Cream, MASSAGE MagazineAsk nearly any professional if he or she would like to make more money, and it is no surprise the answer will be a resounding yes. Whether you are in business for yourself or work for an employer, most professional massage therapists and bodyworkers want to boost income, especially if there is a way to do so that did not equate to simply booking more sessions, working longer and harder.

This is where massage cream comes into the picture, because massage cream can serve as a center point for those massage therapists and bodyworkers who are seeking creative ways to make more money. Think of massage cream as your launching pad toward a more creative and profitable practice, then begin to take steps to make this a reality. The key here is to build a signature service based on one or more high-quality massage creams.

To begin this process, take time to focus and reflect on all the attributes of the particular massage cream you are considering for your signature service. For example, you may use a massage cream that is completely organic and natural, from the selection and manufacturing of the ingredients to the packaging that contains the massage cream. In this case, you may create a massage session based around such appealing words as organic, all natural, eco-friendly and so on.

Other massage creams lend themselves to the creation process in different ways. For instance, a massage cream that contains high-quality essential oils could be the perfect center piece for your signature aromatherapy massage. Remember, these special services can be booked at a higher price than your normal massage sessions, simply because you are using a particular massage cream and basing your session around the most appealing characteristics of that massage cream.

A different kind of service might spring up around a massage cream that contains pain-relieving ingredients, such as menthol or arnica montana. This session might be touted as the Ultimate Ache Alleviator, or something along those lines. This would be geared toward those clients who are coming in with acute aches and pains, perhaps due to the first weekend of the snowboarding season or a weekend spent moving into a new house.

As you use various massage creams as spring boards for contemplating and creating new services, you will most likely find that your creative process goes beyond simply using the massage cream as the only customized component of the session. Instead, the massage cream will serve as the basis for the session, around which you will probably come up with other ways in which to tailor the signature service to make it well worth the higher price.

For example, in the service for those clients with acute aches and pains, the use of a pain-relieving massage cream would be one important part of the session, but other added elements could include special temperature tools such as a variety of heated padding, warm stones and so on. Start with your massage cream, then let your imagination run wild as you create the kinds of services that will satisfy clients and boost your bottom line.