by Stephen A. Kreger, L.M.T.

Build Your Outcall Business, MASSAGE MagazineInterested in increasing your outcall business? At our center, we only do outcall business with the better hotels and resorts. This maintains a good safety factor and provides a clean and decent work environment.

The great thing I found about outcall work was it paid much better and there was almost no overhead. Even after paying the referral fee, I never left an outcall session with less than $80. Many times it was more.

The concierge or bell captain at a large hotel makes very little in salary, typically $12,000 to $13,000 per year. They rely heavily on gratuities, as well as referral or finder’s fees. This easily makes up 60 percent of their annual income. This is the secret to a lucrative outcall business.

The way to determine what the referral fee should be is to contact several hotels and speak to the concierge. Ask them what they normally get as a fee for booking a massage. In my case, I discovered they were getting $10 per booking, so I doubled it. I also added $10 to my outcall massage fee to cover this. The clients never objected and my cost was covered.

I drafted a letter to each concierge, including my professional experience, contact information and fees, as well as a business card for them to keep on hand. Just to make certain I was called first, I threw in a free session for the concierge after 10 bookings. I also arranged to give them a free session prior to them ever booking business for me. I convinced them they couldn’t possibly recommend my services with conviction in their voice unless they had tried my services first. Not a single concierge or bell captain turned down the free massage. They also kept me so busy at the hotels around Dallas, Texas, that I almost didn’t have time to develop any other business avenues.

Note: I find it best to deliver the letters personally. I delivered them along with miniature pound cakes that I picked up at a local bakery. It made quite the impression.

Stephen A. Kreger, L.M.T., is the president of Island Software Company,