As Baby Boomers become a less significant number in the consumer world it is important for businesses to know how to reach other generations, this may entail changing the product or business plan to fit Generation Y’s unique specifications. Generation Y has many qualities that set it apart from Baby Boomers and this difference matters in their consumer practices as well.  Eric Papp of Tampa, Fla.’s Generation Y Results-Based Consulting LLC feels a business attempting to appeal to Generation Y must stress certain traits. Traits include presenting integrity within all aspects of the business through advertising, products, and service. Also, stress instant gratification, such as a speedy delivery. Lastly, attempt to create a “word of mouth” about your business; the “grape-vine” can be your most valuable advertising tool. In addition, quick, straight to the point marketing using a social media will be most useful to captive the attention of Generation Y. These marketing strategies can all be used to move your business out of the Boomer Generation and into the 21st century. Keep in mind its not your product Generation Y rejects, its how you present it.(, 06/29/08)