Global Internet Business Link (gibLink), an online social community of entrepreneurs, launches new version 3.0 with enhanced features and revenue sharing plan.

(PRWEB) February 24, 2009 — gibLink (Global Internet Business Link) one of the few social networks exclusively for business owners, or anyone looking to start a business, has launched its third generation, gibLink 3.0! Membership in this community, started in 2007, is available to anyone involved in networking for their home based business or even a brick-and-mortar store. Entrepreneurs joining gibLink have a variety of options to choose from including free membership or a paid membership with a referral plan. In its first year of operation, gibLink shared revenue of over $8 million with its members. In its new enhanced revenue sharing plan, 70% of revenue is shared and even those with a free membership can also earn.

With over 47,000 members in more than 180 countries, entrepreneurs have ever-growing opportunities to network with other businesses and promote their own products and services. "We are one of the only social networks where members can market themselves as well as their products and services," said Ron Snodgrass, co-founder and President. "We wanted to design a site that was solely for the business owners and entrepreneurs to use as an effective online networking tool."

"Our mission was to build a global community of entrepreneurs, business owners, and home-based business owners to advertise and promote their businesses," according to co-founder and CEO Adam Bernard. "Here members can share ideas and strategies to benefit each other, and also earn an income as 70% of all revenue is shared with members."

Three main aspects make up the gibLink experience: Community, Rewards, and Opportunity.

The community of entrepreneurs is designed for creating connections that count with others in their industry or those who may be likely prospects. Members can market and promote their business, network with anyone in the community, discuss ideas, and discover new opportunities. Among the many vehicles available for member exposure are: profiles, business directory, forum, groups, video chats, blogs, classified ads, and more.

The gibRewards program offers instant savings and discounts from a wide range of companies such as OfficeMax, Target, and Home Depot. Unlike traditional rewards programs that have a waiting period to accumulate points, gibRewards provides instant savings on all purchases from over 600 merchants across 20+ product and service categories. The average member using the gibRewards program has been saving over $2,000 per year which everyone can find useful in these tough economic times.

The business opportunity that gibLink provides is one of the most innovative income-generating opportunities available through a business social network. Monthly memberships start at $50 and 70% of all revenue is distributed to members. There’s even an option to get started immediately for free. With the gibLink opportunity you make money selling your own products and services, plus by referring other members you earn immediate and residual income.

Additionally, with the launch of gibLink 3.0, a brand new web services division has been added that includes domain registration, web hosting, mail manager, content management systems, and advertising services. "Marketing on the social web has never been easier!" said Bernard. "We’re constantly upgrading our site for ease of use and to meet the needs of our members."

About gibLink:
gibLink was created by founders Ron Snodgrass and Adam Bernard who saw the need for a global internet community for business and their vision of a Global Internet Business Link. gibLink provides entrepreneurs a community to market and promote their businesses, network with others, share ideas and find new opportunities. Combined with gibLink Revenue Sharing Program it provides members the opportunity to share in the growth and revenue generated by a large social network.

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