In my years reporting on this field, I’ve learned about massage and spa therapies done in at-first-unimaginable venues—from airports to backstage at circuses. I used to react with no little amazement to these stories. But now I realize: Wherever there are people, there’s a need for healthy touch.

So it was with surprise tempered with an “of course!” that I read a new article from Newsweek—posted online today and to run in the Nov. 9 print edition—that describes a new fusion: the spa-fari.

It entails spa treatments provided to people on safaris.

“Safaris can be seriously hard work,” the article notes. “The dedicated animal voyeur needs to be up at the crack of dawn, bumping over rough dirt tracks in jeeps and scouring the thicket for rhinos and giraffes.”

In this economy, it’s essential for massage therapists to think outside the usual word-of-mouth box. So, tell me: Shat is the most interesting or unusual place you’ve seen massage offered?

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