buy massage products

You buy massage products on a regular basis—but do you know why where you buy massage products matters?

You owe it to yourself and your clients to use authentic, high-quality massage products. Whether you buy directly from the manufacturer, a massage-and-spa product distributor, or a retailer like Amazon, knowing what to look for can support ethical business practices, sustainability, and the health of you and your customers.

5 Reasons Why Where You Buy Massage Products Matters

1. You’ll Avoid Poor-Quality or Fake Products.

When you buy massage products online, be sure to buy direct from the manufacturer or authorized sellers of a product—and beware of prices that seem unusually low. When you search online for an item, you’ll typically find it available from multiple sellers for multiple prices, but some of those low-priced items may be fake or poor-quality knockoffs of the real thing.

According to Statista, a business data platform, more than half the products on Amazon are sold by third-party sellers, meaning Amazon does not have direct control over the quality of items sold or the customer service provided.

When it comes to buying massage products that go directly on—or support—your clients’ bodies, why take a chance on what may be a low-quality product?

2. You’ll Be Kinder to the Environment.

Manufacturing has the potential to damage the environment in a variety of ways. “Toxic waste disposal, water pollution, carbon emissions and more are corners corporations may cut to bring consumers the cheapest possible prices,” said Stephanie Seferian, host of “The Sustainable Minimalists” podcast.

Before you choose a product, research online to find out if the manufacturer uses Earth-friendly practices. Some companies go to great lengths to reduce their environmental impact, and such measures are almost always explained in detail on the company’s website.

For example, Eucalypso manufactures sheets from eucalyptus fiber. “In order to ensure that we are able to meet high eco-standards, we have put a lot of work in ensuring best practices in this space,” said founder Elle Liu. “All our products are made in a closed-loop process where 99% of water and source materials are reused and recycled to prevent runoffs or damage to the planet.”

Another aspect of being kind to the environment is not supporting companies that test products on animals. When you shop, look for the phrase “cruelty-free” or the Leaping Bunny logo on packaging. In order to get this certification, manufacturers must not conduct animal testing or purchase product ingredients that have been tested on animals, among other requirements.

3. You’ll Support the Companies that Understand Your Work.

Many massage product manufacturers have been in this business for many years; some for decades—and many owners of such companies got their start as massage therapists and are as dedicated to massage as any practitioner is.

Names like BIOTONE, Sombra, Earthlite, CBD Clinic, BioFREEZE, Custom Craftworks, ROCKTAPE, Bon Vital’ and Comfort Craft can be trusted because their owners and employees have toiled for years to develop the best formulations and configurations of lubricants, tools, tables and more.

4. You’ll Support Happier Workers.

Find out where your products are manufactured and how those companies treat their employees—you can get a sense of this by visiting their websites as well as their employee reviews on business networking sites like Glassdoor. This type of research can reveal a lot of reasons the company is able to offer an item at a lower price than its competitors.

“Workers who made the item may not have been paid fair living wages; they likely toil in unhealthy conditions, too,” said Seferian.

Also, keep in mind that worker exploitation isn’t something that only takes place overseas—if you’re not impressed by the way a major U.S. retailer treats its associates, it may be better to buy elsewhere.

5. You’ll Help Do Good in the World.

Some companies go beyond simply treating their workers well and invest money and resources into making their communities better. Liu’s company has helped build schools and expand opportunities for women in Pakistan and China, where her company’s sheets are finished and packaged.

Elle Liu is the founder of Eucalypso, which makes eco-friendly sheets from natural eucalyptus fibers. Stephanie Seferian is the host of “The Sustainable Minimalists” podcast and the author of “Sustainable Minimalism,” which will be published by Mango Press in December.