A California law that went into effect this year created a new state certification body for massage therapists, The Los Angeles Times reports. The Massage Therapy Organization will certify therapists who’ve had at least 250 hours and pass an exam on anatomy, methods and ethics; many practicing therapists welcome certification because it legitimizes their profession.

“The law lets those who want to receive the services of a massage therapist know with certainty that the massage therapist has met certain training criteria to become certified,” said California state Sen. Jenny Oropeza (D-Long Beach), who fostered the measure.

Massage therapists and law enforcement agencies welcome the law. “The law protects consumers from financial and physical harm,” said M.K. Brennan, a massage therapist and AMTA president.

State certification will supersede all local laws, relieving practitioners of multiple permit hassles and giving consumers a state stamp of approval for which to look. 

SOURCE: New York Times