A new program’s goal is to unite complementary and alternative medicine (CAM) organizations to fundamentally change the American health care system.

The Integrated Healthcare Policy Consortium (IHPC), an organization dedicated to directing the national healthcare agenda toward a health-oriented, integrated system, launched a new program, “Partners for Health,” the IHPC announced Aug. 22.

The HPC issued a call to CAM organizations, including professional associations, to call (802) 658-8525 to discuss joining the program.

“When all the CAM professions join together and speak with one voice, legislators know that voice has the power of 500,000 practitioners and their millions of clients,” stated an IHPC press release.

The IHPC has two main objectives, according to its website:

1. “Reduce the need for expensive heroic and emergency care by giving greater attention to disease prevention and health promotion”; and

2. “Alleviate the physician shortage that leaves some people without ready access to health care through greater utilization in primary care of naturopathic and chiropractic physicians, as well as nurse practitioners and physician assistants.”

“Members of the Integrated Healthcare Policy Consortium know that we are more powerful and more effective when we work together than when we go it alone,” wrote IHPC Executive Director Janet Kahn in the IHPC’s Aug. 22 newsletter.

“IHPC was launched, in part, because legislators shared with us their challenge in being approached by so many complementary and alternative medicine (CAM) organizations,” Kahn continued. “They urged us to find a way to speak with a strong consensual voice to move integrated health care forward. We believe IHPC is that powerful, representative voice.”