by Mikael Rieck

It has been a known fact for many years that aromatherapy can be used for the treatment of illnesses, such as emotional as well as physical challenges. Today you can still find people that do not believe in the use of aromatherapy—but they are diminishing in numbers. People today are well educated and know the usage of aromatherapy products can have an extreme effect when used for treatment purposes. Normally we find aromatherapy is used when treating adults, but as with most other treatments, it can be used for children and babies as well. The great thing about aromatherapy is that it is a healthy way of treatment compared to the chemical treatments offered by the medicine industry.

As well as with all other treatment types used for adults, you need to keep in mind that a child is not as big as an adult, and therefore you will need to correct the dose used. You would not want to give your child an overdose even with the usage of the aromatherapy oils that are normally safe to use. Secondly, it is always advised when using adult products and adult treatments on babies that you consult with a professional aromatherapist to avoid causing any harm.

The good thing about the use of aromatherapy for babies is you can treat them safely and will not have to pump medicine into their tiny bodies to relieve them of illness symptoms. You will be doing your child a huge favor as it has been proven many times that extensive use of medicine can cause other diseases later in life.

Will any type of aromatherapy work?
When you first start out buying aromatherapy oils and essential oils with various scents, there are a few basic things you will need to be aware of and to pay attention to. First of all, it is crucially important that you go for the essential natural oils and not the (much cheaper) synthetic oils. Unfortunately, most people have not done their homework and might think that as long as it is called aromatherapy oil, it must all be the same. That assumption is very far from the truth.

The difference between using natural essential aromatherapy oils and synthetic ones are that the natural ones are plant based. They are made from extracts from herbs and plants, while the synthetic ones (as the name clearly states) are man or machine made and often come from different types of chemicals that are mixed together.

Some synthetic oils have been the cause of skin irritations and some have actually been banned from the market. Not that you are in a situation where you are thinking of using oils to treat your child or even your baby and an absolute catastrophe is caused from skin irritations because you wanted to save those extra few dollars. You should ask yourself the question, “What is my child’s health worth to me? Will I risk it to save a few dollars?” Hopefully your answer to that question is “no.”

To find essential oils, you need to start with the list of ingredients. Does the list look like it is made up of natural ingredients, such as herbs, or does it seem synthetic? Secondly, the way the oils are packed will often tell you whether it is quality or not. Lousy packing is often the same as lousy quality. Finally, the price will often give away the natural essential oils. It will be sold at a far higher price than the synthetic ones, but there is also no comparability in effects at all.

When you have found what you are looking for, there is only the choice of scent and the desired effect. I suggest you talk to the person selling you the oils and tell her that it is for your baby and the symptoms you want it to work for. That will provide you with the best possible start to use aromatherapy as a way of treatment.

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