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There is an endless list of things to do before adding a new product or service to your business. Never is that truer than when adding CBD massage. You may not have the time or budget to create a marketing plan to highlight your business’ new unique selling proposition—so here are six quick, easy strategies to help you market CBD massage.

1. Look to Social Media and Email

Your business can get a ton of marketing mileage out of the free features of social media. Posting about CBD massage on social media is a great way to connect and interact with prospective clients, respond to questions about CBD, offer online events and update clients on new offerings.

Although email may seem dated, it is still one of the most cost-effective ways to build loyalty with current clients and attract new ones. Using free or affordable email automation tools, even the smallest operation can blast out messages to thousands of customers about new product releases, upcoming promotions and other helpful content.

2. Update Your Website

Your website is a way for potential clients to get to know you and your brand’s unique personality. Providing valuable content, such as blog posts, is vital to encourage visitors to take advantage of the opportunity to click through and schedule an appointment for CBD massage.

Pop-ups that capture emails and offer discounts or free products can build interest while building your email marketing list. You can also repurpose your content for social media graphics, email content and community outreach.

3. Cross-Promote with Local Businesses

Finding other local establishments with adjacent interests can create opportunities to cross-promote and drive traffic to both of your businesses. For example, a business in the same shopping center as mine has a similar clientele. We implemented a program to offer a discount to each other’s clients.

When joining in such a business relationship, be sure to sit down and outline a detailed plan on precisely how your businesses will promote each other. Provide each other with promotional materials, including graphics and flyers, to place in email campaigns, on websites and at check-out.

Cross-promotions like this can allow a small business to reach a larger audience and benefit from another company’s expertise and customer base.

4. Give Away CBD Add-Ons

My business has enjoyed great success by sending out a quick email offering a free CBD add-on if clients book an open appointment time. Your clients will be excited to try something new that doesn’t cost them anything, and often clients will share the sample product with friends and family. Getting complimentary products or add-ons makes people feel like they are receiving extra value, increasing their satisfaction with your service.

5. Turn Family, Employees and Clients into Brand Ambassadors

Your employees and clients have a genuine interest in seeing your business succeed, so why not leverage their word-of-mouth to reach out to a larger audience?

Think about offering an exclusive promotion, such as a friends and family discount. Ask your employees and current clients to share specials and new services with their personal and professional contacts. In exchange, offer a referral discount. Encourage them to share on social media and tag people to increase your offer’s reach.

Also, provide friends and family with discount flyers, business cards, samples and any other tools they might need to share and promote your business to the people they deal with every day. It’s an inexpensive way to introduce people to your business as well as your new CBD offering.

6. Take Advantage of Valuable Real Estate

Use all available space inside and outside your business. Place a sign about CBD on the back of the door in treatment rooms and restrooms for clients to read. The side table in treatment rooms is another often-overlooked usable space. For example, place a sign that says, “Add CBD to your massage and increase the pain-relieving benefits!”

Have several copies of your menu of services in your waiting area. Placing yard signs outside your business will not only influence current clients but also engage new clients. Lastly, positioning a sign in the check-out area reminds clients about your CBD offerings while booking upcoming appointments.

Pamela Heavner

About the Author

Pamela Heavner is the owner of Proactive Massage & Bodywork and the author of “CBD Massage—The step-by-step guide to increase revenue in your Massage Therapy practice.” She is serving as the key opinion leader for CBD company Charlotte’s Web. Heavner is also the founder of Hand to Heart, a volunteer organization that offers complimentary massage therapy to those struggling with grief and the loss of a loved one.