How to use mobile marketing to develop and reward loyal customers while increasing spend per visit

Chicago, IL, September 7, 2011 – Cellit, a leading provider of mobile customer relationship management (CRM) systems for retailers, including salons and spas, has announced the top tips for creating successful mobile marketing campaigns. Cellit has sent more than 125 million text messages to customers with the Cellit Studio technology platform and has beauty and spa industry expertise from working with such leaders as Elizabeth Arden Red Door Spas and Mario Tricoci Salons.

“Mobile marketing for salons and spas is a cost-effective way to build repeat business by keeping customers informed on the latest offers and any new services,” said David Wachs, president of Cellit. “Cellit customers have been able to quickly build successful mobile loyalty programs that have increased customer spend per visit,” he added. 

The following are Cellit’s tips for how salons and spas can quickly and effectively leverage mobile marketing to drive repeat visits and increase customer spend.

  • Create excitement and exclusivity through a Mobile Loyalty Club. Offering customers the opportunity to join a mobile loyalty club must be a win for both the salon/spa and the customer. Create a sense of excitement and exclusivity by promising special rewards and offers for mobile club members only. This approach will help drive initial sign-ups, ensure high retention rates and encourage redemption.
  • Promote the Mobile Club in store and online. Encourage customers to sign up for the mobile program at the reception desk, on the website and on social media platforms.
  • Develop compelling up-sell offers. Mobile coupons do not necessarily mean straight discounts on services. Compelling offers can include cross-selling with paired purchases, such as a discount on a product when purchasing a service, or up-selling through offering service packages.
  • Drive more repeat business. For many salons and spas, customer retention is equally or more important than bringing in new customers. Mobile loyalty programs are a great way to stay top of mind with existing customers. To successfully attract and retain mobile loyalty club members, variety in mobile messaging is critical. Messages should vary and include mobile coupons as well as announcements about new employees or new available services and treatments.
  • Mobile messaging for special occasions and slow days. Mobile messaging is equally effective on special occasions, such as Mother’s Day, as it is on driving traffic to the business during typically slower times. Tailor messages for each special occasion or provide a compelling and immediate offer to drive traffic during the slower season. Mobile messages can be segmented by area code, so targeting specific customer bases is possible as well.

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About Cellit

Cellit develops mobile customer relationship management (CRM) programs for retailers, restaurants and other companies who want to leverage mobile technology to create a deeper level of customer engagement. The Cellit Studio campaign management platform empowers clients to create interactive mobile CRM programs including coupons, contests, games, surveys and alerts that inform, delight and motivate customers, increasing knowledge, loyalty and ultimately spending. Cellit Studio seamlessly integrates with client enterprise and POS technology and provides an easy to implement and measurable way to maximize the potential of the mobile channel. Cellit also provides custom mobile sites and phone apps to some of the largest brands in the world. Headquartered in Chicago, Illinois, Cellit was recently named to the Inc. 500 2010 list of fastest-growing private companies in the country.

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