The Center for Health Value Innovation ( has issued an industry-wide call for evidence, best practices, and new value-based health design innovations that enhance engagement strategies to improve workforce productivity/performance and sustainable cost trend reductions. As the nation™s premier organization dedicated to establishing value and producing evidence for sustainable health and financial improvement, Center leaders emphasize that the goal is to flatten the cost curve, not simply to save dollars.

Value-based designs often start with pharmacy cost reduction but quickly move into condition-management and health communications that build the personal health management skills, says Jack Mahoney, M.D., chief medical officer. This will result in longer term improved overall health as well as more sustainable cost trend reductions.

The Center is now accumulating evidence that by identifying risk early and supporting behavior change through a value-based suite of services, employers and payers can drive early and sustainable cost trend reduction and better use of resources.

Companies are sharing their trend data and aligning their outcomes so others can learn, adds Cyndy Nayer, president and executive director of the Center. None of us knew when we started that we were creating population health studies. Yet, the results are strikingly similar. In fact, some of the results from the newer entrants into value-base design are showing earlier and better outcomes. Today, we know more about designs that engage members early and change the direction of the inflationary trends.

The Center recently introduced a new value-based tool for its members, the Health Value Index (HVI), to demonstrate how health investments drive real change and flatten the healthcare cost curve. HVI is a process used by an employer, health plan, or broker to: measure its competency in data-driven decisions; examine ways to improve by benchmarking against the Center™s most innovative employers/health plans; and discover through comparative data where changes can be made to improve and accelerate the shift to value-based design. The index tool can be found at

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