The Center for Massage Therapy Continuing Education would like to announce its newest 15-CE hour home-study course, Hot Stone Massage. This course has special pricing of $154 until March 1, a savings of $20. Visit or call (866) 784-5940 for more information.

The comprehensive hot-stone massage course will introduce both hot- and cold-stone massage. It will present the basics of stone massage including benefits, contraindications, setup and how to use stones during massage therapy. The course includes a textbook, DVD, guide and set of 38 basic basalt stones. Not only will learning hot- and cold-stone massage help build your clientele and list of services, it will extend the lifetime of your career by saving your hands from overuse.

The course will present information on:

  • The purpose and benefits of using hot and/or cold stones
  • Effects of hot and cold on the body
  • Contraindications and safety guidelines of stone massage
  • How to select and set up equipment and stones
  • How to obtain proper stone temperatures
  • Proper draping and body mechanics
  • Stone management for optimal flow during the massage

The Center for Massage Therapy Continuing Education offers more than 35 online/home-study courses. Visit or call (866) 784-5940 for more information.