Bloomfield, CT–Third-year students at The Connecticut School of Integrative Manual Therapy (CSIMT), under the guidance of senior Integrative Manual Therapists, will run a free clinic for members of the community who are experiencing financial hardship and have health concerns.

When: October 6-9

Time: 6pm- 8pm

Where: 800 Cottage Grove Road, Bloomfield CT, 06002

What: Pro-Bono, student-run health care clinic

CSIMT, a CT Department of Higher Education-approved private occupational school, is the international training facility for Integrative Manual Therapy (IMT). Students from around the world come to CSIMT for four weeks each year, over a 3-year period, to learn the skills necessary to become an Integrative Manual Therapist.

During their third year of study, students run the pro-bono student clinic for the last three weeks of their education. During these clinics, members of the community receive IMT treatment from students to address a wide range of health care issues and concerns. The age range of individuals being treated at the clinic is from birth through geriatric. Individuals can receive up to eight hours of treatment over the four days of the clinic.

IMT is a non-invasive, non-aggressive health care approach that addresses the entire body. IMT therapists and students use the technique to help restore the body to optimal health and wellness.

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