Healing arts professionals are often more intuitive and empathetic, and that gift can be used to dig deep and dive into your mission. Let’s look 12 simple steps to a life of purpose

Did you ever dream about serving the world?

When was that day you woke up and felt it was time? Can you feel it or see it now? Did you decide to become a massage therapist because you loved helping people?

You had a vision, didn’t you—and you set a goal and you started a rewarding journey. A few years later, maybe another longing was tapping at your spirit, you felt a deeper longer, for something more.

You see your purpose is more than a career. Sometimes we choose careers that get us on the road to a life of purpose, but we are not fulfilled entirely over the years.

Then our soul calls out to us in dreams, prayers and messages or signs.

Sometimes we can ignore this calling, thinking it’s too big to take on. Sometimes people tell us we can’t do it or we believe it’s too overwhelming to consider because we lack confidence.

So we live complacently and settle for what we believe or have been taught in life. We make a living to support ourselves but we may lose sight of living passionately and purposefully.

How do I know this? Because, like you I’ve been there, yet something more was always pulling me to align with something bigger.

I have a 2018 vision and would love to support you in creating a vision that will align you with your goals.

As Bishop TD Jakes said, “If you can’t figure out your purpose, figure out your passion. For your passion will lead you right into your purpose.”

One Question

There is only one thing required to change your life.

Ask yourself: am I willing?

And make a decision to say yes.

How about right now, you make a decision to create a life of purpose doing what you love?

It starts by planting the seed. Listening to your intuition and your highest wisdom. It grows bigger the more you dream and it expands when you surround yourself with people who uplift you, challenge you and master mind great things with you.

When we live our life of purpose, nothing stops us. Why? Because your purpose goes deep. It may even make you get emotional or cry.

You might have an idea about doing something global, yet you may stop because you don’t think you can or don’t know how.

A purpose will stretch you and challenge you and it won’t leave you alone because that is why you are here. It may even keep you up at night.

12 Steps to a Life of Purpose

Healing arts professionals are often more intuitive and empathetic, and that gift can be used to dig deep and dive into your mission. Let’s look how it can be done with some simple steps to get you started.

  1. Be aware of what you are aware of, become more present and trust your feelings.
  2. Get a journal and begin to randomly write out your dreams, thoughts, desire and feelings. Let your imagination flow
  3. Write down things you love. Remember to include things you love about yourself too.
  4. Meditate daily. Allow your mind and heart to open and pay attention to signs, images and feelings. 10-15 minutes is a good start. Even walking in nature quietly and be a silent movement meditation.
  5. Listen. This is important. Anything that you’ve always ‘felt’ deep inside, listen more astutely now—what do you really need to hear? Write it down. Trust your intuition.
  6. Notice patterns that come up in life. Do you repeat things? Do you have many synchronicities?
  7. When is your heart open the most? How does it feel? Have you ever had an experience where your heart bursts open and you feel so high you can survive on that energy for days?
  8. Focus. This is often a challenge in this day and age with so much happening. Notice what is distracting you and just bring yourself back to focus and align with your daily purpose and goals.
  9. Write down something you desire, a burning desire, something that keeps you going so you won’t give up. This will be your driving force to keep you aligned towards your purpose and mission.
  10. Surround yourself with people who uplift you. Those are the ones who will believe in you, encourage you and support you
  11. Repeat I can, I will, I am.
  12. Find a mastermind group (people working towards a similar goal) or life coach that will help you gain perspective on your projects and ideas. Even though we think we can do things alone, trust me, it’s easier with more brilliance shining light on the HOW we can do bigger things.

Keep going. Consistency is key. Each day do something that propels you in the direction of your vision. Stop, Go, Stop, Go is like a cha-cha in life.

Vision It

The new year is also an awesome time to create a vision board or dream board, which can be a fun and creative process that helps a person self-connect. Here’s how:

  • Get a poster board
  • You will need a picture of yourself to put in the center.
  • Cut out pictures and words in magazines that align with your vision for 2018
  • Find the time to create a sacred space and build your energy while setting your intention so that you empower this vision
  • You will also need glue and anything else you want to use to decorate it
  • Create regions on your board that represent the different areas you want to focus on for the year
  • Remember to include a section for your spiritual values and growth as well.
  • Infuse joyful energy into each section. I personally like to send an intentional prayer to the images.
  • Focus daily on the powerful, euphoric, magical, synchronistic and beautiful parts of your life and the universe will keep giving you more. An attitude of gratitude goes a long way.

It’s OK to Fail

You are well on your way now to getting started. Be patient with yourself and remember failure is an opportunity for growth. If you get discouraged, ask yourself what you can do to shift your thoughts and energy.

Perhaps you need to call someone who will lift you up. Every seed we plant has a gestation cycle and just like gardening you need to nourish and nurture your seeds.

Intention leads to behaviors, which lead to daily habits that lead to our personal and transformation development, which leads us to our life of purpose.

The Dance of Life

The journey I took in the healing arts led me to many doorways. I made decisions sometimes based on the finances I needed to support my two kids or on excitement of possibilities for growth and stretched myself to learn something new frequently.

As a result, the last 35 years have been a dance of life. I’ve done the cha-cha, the waltz , the swing and the fox trot. Each dance challenged me on different levels and each time I reminded myself I would learn something about me.

When I fell down, I dusted off, learned to ask for help and pushed myself to take risks greater than imagined. I found amazing coaches who saw potential in me I didn’t see.

Now, my calling to help has become more specific. I realize a feeling since childhood was always tapping on me, a calling to help children. My branding coach stretched my mindset so that I could dive deeper and feel true purpose to do what I love.

2018 is going to be a massive growth year for me. I hope it will be for you too. I’m diving into a project to create a nonprofit that will help many children, specifically those abused through human trafficking. I have Power with Purpose (my brand name) because I took the necessary steps to gain confidence, perspective and faith.

It will also allow me to travel, which I love; teach, which is my passion; and inspire others, because that is my desire.

About the Author

Gloria Coppola is an educator, author, awakened spiritual life coach minister, motivational speaker and retreat leader. Her book, “You, Were Born to Love,” is available on Amazon.com.

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