(MMD Newswire) July 20, 2009 — People who are serious sbout creating change in their lives find Dr. Julie Roberts’ new, concise how-to book helpful. Change Works with CLEAR, 2nd Edition, describes an energy psychology technique created by Dr. Roberts that combines acupressure points (EFT), bilateral stimulation (EMDR), somatic experiencing and muscle testing. CLEAR eases emotional pain, frees one from depression, a lack of motivation and it relieves anxiety including post traumatic stress, phobias, fear of flying and test anxiety.

According to Dr. Roberts, “When acupressure points are stimulated, chemicals are released in the brain which work to relieve negative feelings, essentially rewiring the brain.”

Energy psychologies are powerful therapeutic methods that clear blocks to potential. CLEAR evolved from evaluation of a number of therapeutic methods — it integrates the best of these into a method that is simple, to the point and it actually works. Whether you want to release trauma from being a victim of abuse or if you are trying to create positive change in your life, CLEAR can help. Lives are improved and result in more contentment, less stress, and improved physical and emotional health. CLEAR helps by changing ineffective patterns.

CLEAR is for anyone – professionals and lay-people can utilize this process to create change for themselves or facilitate the possibility of change with others. Those looking to free up potential, creativity or intelligence use CLEAR individually or with the help of a partner. Women for Women International is using CLEAR to help victims of war release trauma and move forward with their lives.

Book Reviews:

“***** A brilliant and simple tool for healing!” — June 24, 2008
“This book is a gem. What a powerful and easy way to work with our bodies and our healing processes. I work with it on a weekly basis to clear old traumas and clarify my choices. I love the streamlined explanations about muscle testing and the synthesis of many other energy psychology techniques, which have seemed overwhelming in the past. I have experienced so much more peace and clarity in my life since working with Dr. Roberts’ book and process. Her work around clearing blocking beliefs is very simple and profound. Run, run, run towards this amazing personal growth tool!” 

ACK (New England), on amazon.com


“A well-written, smartly organized book of explanation, history and instruction on a specific method of energy psychology. CLEAR is recognized as providing a ‘dramatic cut in treatment time and offers results that are superior to traditional talk therapy.’ As a professional of many years in the field of manual therapy, I was impressed with the simplicity and clarity in which CLEAR was presented by the author. I will continue to practice with CLEAR on myself as well as with my clients. I encourage readers, both professional and non-professional, to check this book out.”

–Tracy S. Swenson, MS, PT, LMT, www.bookreview.com


“Julie Roberts provides practical tools and techniques for emotional healing. The book is an invaluable resource for maintaining balance while going through challenging transitions. Not often do you find a method that truly works.”

–Angeles Arrien, Ph.D., author of The Second Half of Life and The Four-Fold Way; Cultural Anthropologist


“As a survivor of war myself, and through my experience of working with other victims for over a decade, I understand the eagerness of women who want to rebuild their lives rather than remain trapped in their trauma. Julie’s book helps them address the past in a healthy and productive way so they can move forward with building the future.”

–Zainab Salbi, author of Between Two Worlds Escape from Tyranny: Growing up in the shadow of Saddam and President of Women for Women International


“CLEAR is a powerful, innovative model that gives readers a doable roadmap in mastering their lives. Dr. Roberts teaches us how to stand up for the very best of who we are.”

–David Baum, Ph.D., D.Min.; author of Lightning in a Bottle: Proven Lessons for Leading Change and The Randori Principles: The Path of Effortless Leadership; and organizational consultant


Author Bio: Philadelphia-area resident Julie Roberts, Ph.D. consults with organizations and private clients and specializes in personal and professional change. Using energy therapies, muscle testing, family constellation work and counseling, Roberts helps people clear the blocks in their lives. She is currently helping Women for Women International bring CLEAR into to victims of war in Afghanistan, Bosnia the Democratic Republic of the Congo, Iraq, Kosovo, Nigeria, Rwanda, and Sudan. She teaches graduate courses and conducts workshops that improve leadership skills. Her energy psychology methodology, CLEAR, is taught in workshops where she guides participants through a healing change process.

For a review on Change Works with CLEAR, go to http://www.bookreview.com. To buy a book or find out more, contact Julie Roberts, juliecr106@aol.com or go to http://www.changeworksinc.com.