Eco-conscious mom turns entrepreneur and launches a full line of natural skincare for infants and children after learning of developmental issues in skincare studies released. All products focus on using natural, sustainable resources and are free of chemicals such as parabens and phthalates.

CHANDLER, AZ, January 14, 2009 /24-7PressRelease/ — Eco-conscious mom turns entrepreneur and launches a full line of natural skincare for infants and children after learning of developmental, reproductive, austism and cancer issues in skincare studies released. Development of Green Elly Corporation literally was born within weeks of the namesake and her daughter, Elly.

All of Green Elly products are developed focusing on natural, sustainable ingredients, free of parabens, phthalates and other harmful chemicals while being environmentally friendly. Manufactured by utilizing sustainable resources, all products are designed using “green” manufacturing techniques. Even the shipping method used is considered to be one of the most green in the market place.

“I wanted a product that had a boutique feel, but was safe and healthy for my daughter. I couldn’t find one on the market that met my high standards, so I developed the products after extensive research,” explained Chandler, Arizona-based founder Melissa Malcom. “Elly has sensitive skin but I was even more concerned over the various warnings about dangerous chemicals like synthetic fragrances in most products. And just as important, I still wanted something that smelled good and was gentle for her. The concern for cancer, reproductive and developmental issues dumbfounded me and I didn’t want to risk anything. My goal was to create spa quality products for children that were natural but it was important to do my part to protect her future resources. It was easy to stay in line with my goals because Elly was my inspiration.”

CuddleMeClean Wash: CuddleMeClean Wash was developed in both foaming and gel formulas. Enriched with soothing ingredients, such as lavender and organic sweet orange peel, each carefully formulated to give baby a relaxing bath time experience.

Cutie’s Patootie Paste : A diaper bag essential for mom and baby’s on the go, Cutie’s Patootie Paste has the healing power from Shea Butter, Aloe and Zinc Oxide. Diaper rash and redness disappear quickly with the therapeutic Cutie’s Patootie Paste enriched with these soothing ingredients.

Sweet Dream Cream: A delightful naturally scented cream containing potent antioxidants and moisturizing factors will help heal and soften baby’s delicate skin. Ideal for baby, this product is also very useful for parents to help protect their own skin as it contains ingredients known to help enhance collagen production and has “happy” molecules that make the skin look luscious and visibly more vibrant.

Tinkle Time Massage Gel: Formulated specifically as a gel, rather than oil, Twinkle Time Massage Gel was designed to be used for massage therapy utilizing natural products, often recommended by medical practioners for children with special needs such as autism and premmies. This product is extremely rich in essential amino acids, vitamins and anti-oxidants in order to be highly moisturizing and soothing while allowing an easy and gentle glide during massage.

About Green Elly Corporation: Green Elly Skincare product portfolio includes luxurious, high quality skincare for infants and children. Green Elly products are made with natural, organic (when available), safe ingredients and manufactured the green way. All products are made with 100% vegetarian ingredients and do not contain synthetic fragrances, artificial colors, mineral oil, petroleum, propylene glycol, all which are present in the majority of mainstream baby products. Products are 100% paraben free, phthalate free, SLS free, 1,4 dioxane free and Chirally-Correct . Chiral-Correct means using only the best part of a molecule. This eliminates side effects and will be used by the body as intended. Essentially, Green Elly does not add unnecessary ingredients and uses absolutely no chemical preservatives. All products are created from sustainable resources, and manufactured utilizing “green” practices when applicable.

All Green Elly Skincare products are manufactured, marketed and distributed from Chandler, Arizona.

For more information or to receive Green Elly Skincare products, please contact Melissa Malcom at 480-227-7633. Website: