British researchers have found that children with cerebral palsy value massage therapy for many of the same reasons adult clients of massage therapy do.

“Results showed that children enjoyed the relaxing aspects of massage and reported a number of improvements in their health such as improved muscle relaxation, mobility and bowel movements, and reduced pain,” a statement from Elsevier, publisher of “Complementary Therapies in Clinical Practice,” the journal in which the study was published. “Future studies may need to explore other ways of extrapolating data from this population and similar populations where communication is impaired due to disability, but at the same time ensure that their views are listened to and acted upon.”

In February MASSAGE Magazine reported on another research study that showed massage therapy reduced psychological and physical distress among children with cancer and blood diseases, and improved quality of life. In January 2009 the magazine reported acupressure relieved pre-operative anxiety among children undergoing anesthesia.