05.07.2009 – LOS ANGELES, CA — The creators of Mo’s Nose have partnered with Aura Cacia Pure Aromatherapy on the second book in the brand’s series of collectable children’s books, Mo Smells Green. In this much-anticipated sequel, Mo, based on a real life rescued dog, takes readers of all ages on a Scentsational, adventure through vibrant and verdant scents and hues. The book delivers the story with unique Press-2-Smell scent-dispensing packets good for thousands of “sniffs” using 100 percent pure essential oils derived solely from nature by Aura Cacia.

The uniquely formulated scents in Mo Smells Green are created using only 100-percent pure essential oils instead of petroleum-derived synthetic fragrances. Not only do the scents tell Mo’s story, but they also provide true aromatherapy benefits. Each book in the collection offers three color-themed scents woven into the storyline about a dog who smells colors through his nose along with a fourth mystery scent representing the book’s conceptual theme. In the first book, Mo Smells Red, Mo introduced readers to Rose, Strawberry, Fire and Love and Mo Smells Green will feature Aura Cacia’s Lime, Grass, Mint and Life.

Co-creator and author Margaret Hyde says, “We chose green as the second color to feature in the series not only because the book is eco-friendly and printed on recycled paper with soy ink, but also the “Life” theme celebrates nature, exploration and the outdoors. We’re so excited to have this unique partnership with Aura Cacia, and with them we’ve added another level of mindful and natural living. It’s our homage to Earth Day and living healthy,” adds Hyde.

“As a parent of three young girls, my wife and I are extremely concerned about what our children eat, what products they use, and what they breathe in from the air around them,” says Steve Shriver, Vice President for Aura Cacia. “Partnering with Mo’s Nose has created a great opportunity for Aura Cacia to introduce 100 percent pure essential oils and the benefits of aromatherapy to young children through their parents.”

Many parents will find the book a soothing addition to naptime and bedtime rituals as Green’s scents include; Grass, a combination of lemongrass, sweet basil, and a hint of bergamot essential oil offering a fresh, grassy aroma providing cleansing and revitalizing aromatherapy benefits; fresh and juicy Lime with essential oil cold-pressed from the peels of the lime fruit that both children and grown-ups alike will find uplifting and cheering; Mint, with essential oils steam-distilled from the fresh leaves of the plants to provide invigorating and cooling aromatherapy benefits; and Life, a woodsy, earthy aroma that combines frankincense, Atlas cedarwood and Texas cedarwood to create a balancing and stabilizing aromatherapy benefit.

Mo cares. A portion of the proceeds from Mo Smells Green will go to Best Friends Animal Society (www.BestFriends.org) and support their initiatives to work with humane groups across the country — to bring about a time when there are no more homeless pets. And through Friends of Mo events Mo’s Nose is dedicated to teaching kids to connect philanthropy and fun.

Mo Smells Red and Mo Smells Green are available at Barnes & Noble nationally, BarnesandNoble.com, Amazon.com, MosNose.com and select retailers. The book retails for $17.95. Mo Smells Red received a 2008 Moonbeam Children’s Book Award for best-pop-up/cut-out book.

About Mo’s Nose Creators
Margaret Hyde is a publisher, writer, and photographer living in Southern California with her three amazing kids. Inspiration struck Margaret in the middle of the night as her best friend’s dog, Mo, leapt into her imagination. She awoke, and wrote the text and idea for Mo’s scent-filled adventure. Margaret Hyde’s previously published books for children include Dreadilocks and the Three Slugs and the popular Great Art for Kids series, with titles including Picasso for Kids and Matisse for Kids.

Amanda Giacomini is an artist, graphic designer and yoga teacher. She lives in Point Reyes, California, where she and her husband, Nicholas, run their own yoga studio called Yoga Toes. They are the proud parents of Mo the dog. Best friends for 20 years, Mo’s Nose is Hyde and Giacomini’s first artistic collaboration.

Aura Cacia® Pure Aromatherapy
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