China–Gel Inc. has added to their Topical Pain Reliever line by introducing a convenient Two Ounce Travel Tube 2 GO! The tube features the original China-Gel formula and a handy clip, so the tube can be attached to a bag, purse, athletic bag or anything else.

“One of the most frequent comments we receive from medical professionals is that patients do not have the product with them when they need it,” stated Justin Toups, marketing manager, China-Gel. “Patients love the product and know how well it works, and they can now carry it with them conveniently. We envision China-Gel clipped to a purse for a busy mom, an equipment bag for athletes, in toolboxes for tradesmen, and in a carry-on for a traveler, so everyone can get relief when and where they need it. We made sure the package size meets the requirements for TSA carry-on luggage.”

The Travel Tube is a great size for chiropractors and massage therapists to retail to their patients. Imagine the conversation in the office or at the game when a patient displays the China-Gel Travel Tube. Talk will eventually wind up with ‘where did you buy that?’ resulting in a discussion about the practitioner’s services, making the Travel Tube a marketing tool that promotes the practice and care for the patients.

Developed by a chiropractor, China-Gel is an herbal topical pain relieving gel that incorporates modern technology with ancient pain relieving concepts of Chinese medicine. Resembling a fine hand cream, it spreads on evenly and then absorbs completely into the skin without staining clothing or needing to be wiped off because there is no greasy residue left behind. It has a pleasant and soothing lavender/menthol fragrance on application that ultimately becomes odorless as the gel is absorbed.