Choose a Seasonal Massage Cream, MASSAGE MagazineWhen you feel the need for a dose of inspiration and rejuvenation in your daily massage therapy or bodywork practice, try turning to Mother Nature for a few good ideas. Our natural world can serve as the perfect jumping off point for conjuring up new ways to enhance your work and keep your passion for touch therapy alive.

If you are performing practically the same massage therapy sequence on nearly all of your clients, listening to the same relaxing music during every session and using the same massage cream day in and day out, there’s an increased chance you may experience a bit of boredom, which could lead to an even worse situation—burnout.

One very simple way to spice things up in your daily massage or bodywork practice is by starting with a single detail. In this case, let’s talk about the massage cream you choose to use and how Mother Nature can inspire changes to your usual choice in product.

Of course, there’s a reason you’re using the same massage cream during nearly every session. It’s most likely because it works quite well in helping you achieve desired results with your clients. In changing your massage cream, there is no need to give up that high-quality performance. With so many massage creams on the market, you should be able to find one that complements your style of touch therapy but also brings something new to the table.

For starters, think about the season if you need to drum up ideas on what type of new massage cream to try. By tying your product switch to the current natural season, you not only will have something new to add excitement to your sessions, but you also will have a marketing theme, should you choose to use it.

For instance, with the current spring season, consider trying out massage creams that contain ingredients people may think of when it comes to the beloved spring season. Fresh sprigs of green pushing their way through the soil is one image that certainly could represent the spring season. Pulling from this visual, one may seek out massage creams that contain herbal elements. Sage, for example, is reported to have anti-inflammatory properties, as well as an ability to both reduce of anxiety and the enhance of mental function. Such benefits make sage a star ingredient in certain high quality massage creams.

Another herb you may look for in your next massage cream might be Melissa, which is also known as lemon balm. Several studies have found Melissa can help reduce anxiety and promote sleep, which makes the use of this natural ingredient perfect for most massage sessions.

Thinking of spring as you strive to stock up on a different massage cream, the use of passion flower in a product might very well pique your interest. Indigenous uses of passion flower include the alleviation of headaches, bruises and general pain. Today, the extract of this flower can be found in various massage creams, due its calming and analgesic effects.