Choose Massage Cream Based on Client Needs, MASSAGE Magazine

Every once in a while, it is important for professional massage therapists and bodyworkers—especially those who have been in the field for quite some time—to sit down and reflect on the reasons people seek out massage therapy and bodywork in the first place. This may seem silly or obvious, but really tuning into the wants and needs of your clients and potential clients can be a great exercise for strengthening and maintaining the success of your practice.

As you focus on the motivating factors that drive people to seek out massage therapy and bodywork, one that you will most likely put at the top of your list is the need for rest and relaxation, both mentally and physically. Often, a vital piece of this is the need for stress relief and the reduction of pain and tension throughout the body.

Now, you may be wondering how this insight can strengthen the success of your practice. The fact of the matter is it allows you to begin thinking of all the ways you can help enhance your clients’ ability to achieve these top goals of relaxation and relief from stress, pain and tension. One way to move closer to these goals, which does not require a huge investment of your time or money, is to use the best possible massage creams.


What Do Your Clients Need?

Instead of purchasing an expensive high-tech massage bed or redecorating your entire practice to more effectively induce relaxation, you can simply begin exploring the use of various massage creams that can bring each one of your sessions closer to your client’s ideal appointment. In other words, you will want to search for massage creams that are designed specifically to help meet the needs of your current and potential clients.


For Clients Who Need Relaxation

As mentioned, relaxation is one of the big reasons many people come to massage therapists and bodyworkers. Using this as an example, you could begin seeking out massage creams that not only allow you to perform your techniques in the best possible manner, but also are geared toward increasing relaxation in their own right. Quite a few practitioners may choose massage creams that contain essential oils that are reported to induce a sense of calm and relaxation, such as lavender.


For Clients Seeking Pain Relief

For the crowds of clients who approach massage therapists and bodyworkers seeking relief from muscle and joint pain, there are massage creams on the market for these clients, too. Specifically, you may want to purchase a massage cream that contains some kind of pain-relieving ingredient, such as menthol or arnica montana. By using such a massage cream, you could take the effects of your services even further than if you were using a regular massage lubricant in the session room.


For Clients Who Want Pampering

There are also those practitioners who may see clients in a spa setting, where pampering and polishing are two key reasons clients book appointments. In these scenarios, massage creams that can add to the sense of pampering and polishing could go a long way toward making each client feel that he or she received a valuable service.