Today’s market for massage creams is filled with so many options, it can be dizzying to try to choose one that will work, day in and day out for you and your clients. If you’re attempting to select more than one massage cream to suit the various needs of different clients, your task might be slightly easier, yet still a bit daunting.

Although selecting a massage cream may seem like a minor detail to some people, massage therapists and bodyworkers know how important having the right tools, such as massage cream, can be to providing a memorable session of hands-on healing.

To begin your search, whether you’re looking for a new massage cream or one to complement your new supply, it’s important to get clear on the product traits most important to you.

For example, a wide array of healthy touch practitioners tend to gravitate toward green and natural goods. If this describes you, finding a massage cream that contains all organic ingredients, manufactured or processed in a way that also is planet friendly, may be one of the first things you choose to look for in a massage cream.

It shouldn’t be hard to find those massage creams that fit the bill for green goods, as most products that have been approved as organic are proudly labeled as such. In addition, these truly natural products may help you check a few other desired traits off your massage-cream wish list as well.

For instance, very few, if any, authentically organic massage creams will contain parabens, for these chemical preservatives are synthetic ingredients created in labs. That could be an added perk for massage therapists and bodyworkers hoping to avoid parabens in their massage cream. Although parabens have been approved by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration as safe for use in a huge selection of cosmetic goods, many people choose to avoid these chemical preservatives.

Another trait you may consider in your search for the perfect massage cream is a product that won’t irritate any of your clients, including even the most sensitive clients who come to relax on your massage table. In this case, massage creams that are organic and paraben-free may be good to find. In addition, you may want to find a massage cream that is hypoallergenic and free of fragrances.

It’s also possible to find massage creams that do not contain any of the ingredients commonly known to cause allergic reactions or irritations. These elements include nut extracts or butters, certain types of artificial fragrances and other such items.

Once you know the key traits you’re looking for in a massage cream, it should be far easier to narrow down the vast assortment of products available and choose the one or two that best suit the needs of you and your clients.

—Brandi Schlossberg