Currently, only about 5 percent of cumulative trauma injuries occur in the legs and feet, but experts say this will increase as the population ages. Many of us are guilty of pushing our feet into high heeled, pointed-toe shoes — just because we can — but lower heels put less stress on our lower back. When choosing shoes for work, have your feet measured and buy in the afternoon. If they are uncomfy now, that will not change!

Insoles are important, try to buy at least two pairs of high-density foam that fit comfortably inside the shoe without squashing your feet. Changing the insoles every day allows them to regain their depth after wear, thus acting as an extra shock absorber for your spine. As we age, the intervertebral cartilage in our spine thins, not only making us lose inches, but decreasing our spine’s ability to absorb shocks and jarring. Good insoles can help reduce that stress on our bodies.

— Karen Elysbeth Walsh is a licensed occupational therapist specializing in ergonomics and pain management,