Girls are demanding safer choices for back to school skin care. Tweens/Teens effected by chemicals found in traditional skin care products

by Kimberly Grustas, July 30, 2009

(OfficialWire) HARTFORD, CT — Getting ready for back to school means school supplies, new clothes, new shoes and looking your best for the first day. Green and eco friendly products are hot for back to school and so is natural skin care. Girls today are green and natural savvy, demanding safer products free from chemicals that deliver results.

A September 2008 study by the Environmental Working Group revealed that teens may be unknowingly exposing themselves to hormone-disrupting chemicals during a critical stage of development. One company that is responding to growing consumer demand is Good For You Girls. Launched in 2008 by two Connecticut Mothers, Good For You Girls offers 100 percent natural and organic skin care products specifically formulated for the needs and characteristics of girls, age 9 to 15.

The Environmental Working Group’s study found sixteen chemicals linked to hormone disruption in the blood and urine of adolescent girls using common skin care products and cosmetics. Experts believe preteen and young teen girls may be particularly sensitive to even trace levels of such chemicals given the complex hormonal changes that take place during the transformation to adulthood.

“As mothers, we all try to protect our daughters from chemicals and toxins. It starts before they’re even born with careful lifestyle choices and the foods we eat,” says Good For You Girls co-founder Grace Hvasta-Petrarca. “Most people don’t realize that even minute traces of chemicals can have adverse effects on a young bodies development.”

Inspiration for the product line came from the founders’ own experiences looking for products for their daughters. Having used only natural baby products, they wanted to continue the commitment when it came time to show their daughters the proper way to take care of their faces. In researching existing natural skincare lines, they realized most products contained additional ingredients that focused on anti-aging and were not right for young skin. Additionally, these products did not at all appeal to their daughters.

Good For You Girls is a 100 percent natural and organic skincare line specifically created to pamper and protect young skin. The companies Complete Skin Care Kit containing gel cleaner, toner and moisturizer has been a popular choice for girls looking to start a natural skin care routine without harmful or questionable ingredients. Products are formulated with organic extracts, nourishing vitamins and healing botanicals and are free from parabens, petrochemicals, sulfates, phthalates, dyes and irritants.

Good For You Girls products do more than just protect from harmful chemicals, they help establish a lifetime of good habits. “We hope to empower girls to make safe choices,” says co-founder Kim Grustas, “For moms, our products make it easy for them to educate their daughters while making these habits fun to learn in the process.”

The company also makes an environmental commitment. Boxes are printed with soy inks and the bottles are recyclable. Good For You Girl products are vegan approved and cruelty free. Good For You Girls is a compact signer with The Campaign for Safe Cosmetics and The Environmental Working Group and a member of The Natural Products Association.

To learn more about Good For You Girl products visit the company website at or contact directly at 860-489-9912