Regardless of the reason for your clients’ visit, the products you use in your sessions can help make a difference in meeting your clients’ needs. Clients remember the products you use just as much as they remember how your hands feel. Selecting the right products can enhance their experience, making a great massage even better.

How do you choose the right products to complement your work? Here are a few of my suggestions:

The correct lubricant provides hydration, adequate glide and a pleasant fragrance without greasiness.
Suggested products:
?Dual-Purpose Massage Creme – This formula provides the best features of an oil and a lotion that give it a luxurious consistency. It absorbs evenly and deeply into the skin, hydrating your clients in the driest conditions?yet it gives you consistent glide to limit re-applications and give your session a great flow. This creme is thick, so it will not spill on carpets.
?Clear Results Massage Oil?- This is a light oil which washes easily from fabrics, so your sheets and towels will look their best. It provides the glide and texture you need without the headache of unsightly stains. Aloe and Jojoba Oils provide high-quality hydration for your clients.
?Revitalizing Massage Oil – This mid-weight formula is a slightly heavier blend of Sweet Almond, Hawaiian Kukui and Coconut oils and provides an even, smooth texture and hydration. This formula is very helpful for your clients who need a lubricant with a greater glide due to dense hair or dry skin.

The correct lubricant promotes healing, eases soreness and inflammation, and promotes flexibility.
Suggested products:
?Polar ?Cooling?Massage Lotion – Natural extracts of Menthol and Wintergreen cool and soothe stressed and sore tissues after exercise. It may also be used to spot treat arthritis pain and low-grade inflammation.
?New Muscle & Joint Relief Therapeutic Massage Creme ?This light, non-greasy creme contains Glucosamine to provide the ultimate massage for clients with sore joints and aching muscles. Natural botanicals of Boswellia, Devil?s Claw and Arnica help reduce inflammation, reduce bruising and increase mobility.

The correct choice of lubrication promotes control to produce the benefits these modalities offer.
Suggested products:
?Deep Tissue Massage Lotion – This contains the lubrication you need without slipping. This formula will give complete control to focus on penetrating techniques without tackiness to limit your strokes. The non-greasy texture allows the flow you need to manipulate tissues at deeper levels with total focus.

Products need to have a lot of glide so that the stones absorb the lubrication and provide a smooth flow over the skin.
Suggested products:
?Nutri-Naturals?Massage Lotion, Creme and Oil – Has a silky, lightweight texture that is perfect for hot stone work. There are three different textures: the creme is a thicker formula, the lotion is a medium-weight formula, and the oil provides the lightest texture.
?Replenishing Light Massage Oil – Excellent texture needed to complement many massage and spa therapies, especially hot stone massage. Jojoba, Peach, Avocado and Sunflower oils hydrate and moisturize the skin.

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