BELLEVUE, Wash., Dec. 20, 2009 – Clarisonic introduces the Opal Sonic Infusion System, which combines sonic micro-massage with a proprietary anti-aging serum for immediately noticeable and long-lasting reduction in the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles.

Wm. Philip Werschler, M.D., F.A.A.D., F.A.A.C.S., president of the American Society of Cosmetic Dermatology and Aesthetic Surgery, has been evaluating Opal. “My patients are thrilled with the instantly noticeable reduction in the fine lines and wrinkles around their eyes. Opal is going to change the way women combat aging. My patients love the way it feels and the results are very impressive.”

Led by the primary inventor of Sonicare®, Clarisonic launched sonic skin cleansing several years ago to skin-care professionals. Clarisonic skin-cleansing products have become increasingly popular due to their effectiveness at clearing pores, removing six times more makeup and increasing absorption of vitamin C up to 61 percent. 

Opal is the second major product in the Clarisonic skin-care family. Building on the benefits of the sonic skin-cleansing system, Opal extends Clarisonic products from sonic cleansing to sonic infusion. According to Robb Akridge, Ph.D., Clarisonic’s vice president of clinical affairs, “Opal’s soothing, gentle vibrations infuse anti-aging serum into the epidermis where it begins to work immediately. In our clinical studies, most women reported seeing an immediate reduction in fine lines and wrinkles and firmer, brighter, more hydrated skin in just one minute. The results typically last for hours and benefits improve over time.”

The Clarisonic infuser combines a soft applicator tip, precision tuned sonic frequency and a proprietary gentle kneading motion to maximize transfer of serum into the epidermis. 

Akridge partnered with Greg Peterson, Ph.D., Clarisonic’s lead scientist, to optimize the anti-aging serum for the dynamics of sonic infusion. Akridge used his immunology background to develop a multilayered approach using marine extracts and botanicals. The anti-aging serum is conveniently integrated within the Opal dispensing cap.

“I am very pleased that sonic technology has proven to be as valuable to skin care as it has. With Clarisonic Opal, we are taking it to a level beyond even my expectations. We look forward to continuing our work with the professional community to develop additional Opal products,” says David Giuliani, CEO and founder.

The Opal Sonic Infusion System can be purchased for a retail price of $245 at professional offices soon. For more information, visit

About Clarisonic from Pacific Bioscience Laboratories
Pacific Bioscience Laboratories Inc. is a leading innovator in sonic skin care and the creator of the Clarisonic Sonic Skin products, which have become the gold standard for leading spas, dermatologists and beauty retailers nationwide. Led by the primary inventor of the Sonicare® sonic toothbrush, Clarisonic products aim to deliver a major improvement in skin beauty and health through proprietary technology and excellence in science and engineering. 

In September 2009, Clarisonic was named the 60th fastest growing private company in the U.S., according to Inc. Magazine.