Clear My Head introduces a new herbal care product to help customers breathe easier and sleep more soundly

(PRWEB) May 25, 2011– Clear My Head Herbal Care Products has bottled its classic aromatherapy into a pump spray mist to be applied directly to spa linens or released into the air. While most linen sprays contain a floral scent, like lavender or jasmine, Linen Mist offers three original Clear My Head formulas.

  • The Linen Mist 2go Formula contains the original Clear My Head aromatherapy sinus blend. 
  • Ache Linen Mist offers the classic combination of scents, ideal for relieving tension headaches. 
  • Finally, Sky High adds a refreshing touch of lemon to the 2go Formula.

“Some of our customers set our herbal inhalation jar on the floor, beneath the face cradle,” says Brenda Stansfield, founder and owner of Clear My Head. “The Linen Mist line lets the client experience the full benefits of our aromatherapy up close. For the clients use at home, these are great products that help them sleep more soundly. Spritzing the top sheet or the pillow case will infuse the scent and help to breate more freely as they sleep.”

Linen Mist from Clear My Head comes in a 4-ounce pump spray and retails for $15; 8-ounce SpaPro bottles are also available. For more information, contact Clear My Head Herbal Care Products at (937) 847-2222 or go to