June 4, 2009 — The following articles are the top 15 most-read news stories for May on MASSAGEmag.com.

Client relations and marketing articles topped the list, followed by several health and industry news items. Kathy Gruver’s article on awkward massage moments was a top read this month, generating discussion and helpful feedback among readers.

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Top 15 most-read news stories—May:

  1. Awkward Massage Moments
    Let’s face it folks, we, as massage therapists, touch people every day. As much as we love our jobs, there are some things that happen with the human body that are less than desirable. We deal with smells, body parts and sweat. Here are some ways of coping with those awkward massage moments. … Read more
  2. Conference to Focus on Consciousness, Energy, the Body
    Author and proponent of complementary health-care therapies Deepak Chopra, M.D., will be among the many speakers and presenters at the upcoming conference of the International Society for the Study of Subtle Energies and Energy Medicine. … Read More
  3. Seven Marketing Pitfalls Every Massage Therapist Can Avoid
    Sometimes the best advice for marketing your massage practice begins with what not to do. Whether you are revamping your marketing plan, planning for an upcoming event or just beginning your business, a review of the following pitfalls can help you avoid costly mistakes and noneffective strategies. … Read more
  4. The Healthy Way to a Flat Stomach
    The secret to a flatter stomach is to detox daily with specific health drinks and nourish with all-natural foods. Everyone wants a flatter stomach, but if you are frustrated in this effort, it may simply be because you do not have the right plan. Here you will discover three key elements to a plan of attack on the abdominal region—and sit-ups are not part of it. … Read more
  5. Indiana Deadlines Near
    The Indiana Chapter of the American Massage Therapy Association announced the deadline for the Indiana Certified Massage Therapist (CMT) certification regarding the Grandfathering Provisions. … Read more
  6. Running a Profitable Spa Business with High Service Levels in a Difficult Economy
    Running a spa business is always a challenge—one that carries inherent risk. However, operating a spa in today’s difficult economy is more challenging than ever, especially if the spa is fairly new and lacking a broad loyal client base. How can a small spa survive in times like this, and how can employees, including receptionists, massage therapists and estheticians, play a role in this survival strategy? … Read more
  7. Guest Editorial: Add Value to Your Massage Sessions
    I am fascinated by the tendency among massage therapists to avoid selling—even though it is a vital part of any successful practice. Time and again I come across therapists who refuse to sell any product in their practice because they do not want to sell anything. They tell me they do not want their clients to think of them as pushy or just in it for the money. Yet, these same therapists will gladly send their clients to my store for the products they recommended. While I love the referrals and the presold customers, I often wonder why therapists will give up income on one hand and then complain about not making enough money on the other. … Read more
  8. Research: Massage Aids in Exercise Recovery
    A recent study found massage may aid in recovery, particularly among women, from the temporary state of immunosuppression often induced by exercise. … Read more
  9. Want to Build Your Practice? Cultivate Yourself
    I imagine you’ve heard the key to success in school is to focus on the 3 Rs “Reading, (W)Riting and ARithmatic.”  While these skills are certainly essential, I’ve discovered several other essential “Rs” in the development of one’s life and business. … Read more
  10. 4 Ways to Market with Seated Massage
    Besides a cell phone and business card, my massage chair is the most important marketing tool I use to build my practice. On-site chair massage allows the public to learn about massage and feel firsthand the power of your touch for little or no cost. … Read more
  11. Everybody Deserves a Massage Week: Materials Available Now
    Every year, the nation’s largest professional membership organization for massage therapists sponsors a week of giving back. … Read more
  12. Ayurvedic Tongue Analysis: What’s Your Tongue Telling You?
    On a break during class at the Ayurvedic Institute, Dr. Vasant Lad agreed to see a few students about their health issues. I told him I had not been feeling well, and I asked if there was any way he could help me. He asked me to stick out my tongue, so I did. “Hmm,” he responded. “There’s pain in your shoulder blades, grief and sorrow in your heart, a thyroid condition and a harmless parasitic infection.” … Read more
  13. 10 Ways to Grow Your Bottom Line through Retail
    Offering home-care solutions to help increase your bottom line and complement your sessions is a wise avenue for massage therapists to consider these days. Diversifying and making sure income is coming in from different revenue streams is also smart. … Read more
  14. Research Exclusive: Healing Touch Relieves Fatigue, Nausea Among Adult Leukemia Inpatients
    Healing Touch (HT) performed on adult acute leukemia patients led to significant short-term improvements in fatigue and nausea, as reported in a recent pilot study. … Read more
  15. Free Preview: New Erik Dalton DVD Boxed Set
    Myoskeletal Alignment is a respected multimodality pain management system designed to alleviate reflex muscle guarding caused by joint blockage. This is accomplished through restoration of proper neural, myofascial and skeletal function. The myoskeletal goal is to establish pain-free movement during the walking cycle. … Read more