Cutting-edge exergames are featured for the first time in CNN™s 2008 Fit Nation Tour. Visitors are invited to participate in the 8-player XerDance„ game at every Tour event, and Sportwall® Group Training Stations are also featured in some of the venues. The exergaming equipment has been provided by XerGames Technology Inc., one of four National Participants featured in the Tour. The other National Participants are the American Diabetes Association, the Mayo Clinic, and Weight Watchers.

According to CNN, the purpose of the Tour is to raise the profile of the nation™s obesity epidemic and to get people informed and motivated to make a difference on local, regional, and national levels. The Tour already visited New Orleans and Dallas, and it is currently in Seattle. Next week, the Tour moves to Minneapolis, then to Ohio, Delaware, and New York.

We are very pleased to be the first exergame company in the CNN Fit Nation Tour, said Jim Teatum of XerGames and the former President of Nautilus. Studies have demonstrated that the obesity problem is being driven by a dramatic increase of inactivity. We believe that most people are inactive because they are not very keen on counting reps or watching the time tick down on a treadmill; they would rather sit in front of a TV, computer or videogame. Our exergame products turn the problem into the solution by using computer technology to engage folks, involve them, and get them up and moving. Exergames are fun, and everyone “ kids especially “ love to play exergames. That makes a huge difference, in terms of the level of involvement and exercise adherence, which is a key focus of the CNN Fit Nation Tour.

CNN™s Fit Nation began in 2006 as an ongoing initiative to stop obesity and encourage healthier lifestyles. Over the past two years, Fit Nation and CNN™s chief medical correspondent Dr. Sanjay Gupta have traveled across the country, encouraging people in their own communities to become more active and to develop local programs to meet the challenges of the obesity epidemic. More information, including the Tour schedule, can be found at

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